Finding the perfect diamond ring can be a painstaking task, with a lot of points to take into consideration. But if you come up with a good action plan at the beginning of the process, you are more likely to get through the process without becoming too frazzled along the way. These are some of the points you should have on your list – there may be others that are unique to your own situation.


Of course, you need to think about how much money you can spend on your diamond ring before you commit yourself to do so. Wherever possible try to save up for your diamond ring, so you are not paying interest charges on top of the price of the diamond ring, but if you do need to take out a credit scheme to pay for it, do include the interest and any admin charges in your repayment plan to avoid any unpleasant surprises! In most cases, the cost of having a diamond ring custom made for you will be only a little higher than the price of buying a retail ring, so if it is something that you would like, do not be shy about speaking to your jeweler about designing the ring yourselves, even if you are taking the credit route to payment.

The Diamond

Choosing a diamond is always exciting, and can also be a bit daunting with so many stones, looking so similar, and yet with very different prices and values attached to them! To avoid getting flustered on the day, have a look at a diamond grading chart to see how each subtle difference can change the value of the stone. You can also decide on four Cs in advance: carat refers to the size of the stone, color is usually as clear as possible, clarity refers to how many or few imperfections there are, and the cut refers to both the shape of the finished stone and how many facets there are. It is the facets and the symmetry of the cut that will give your diamond its alluring sparkle.

Metal Band

The diamond should always be shown off to its best effect, and this means that the metal that you use in the band should be chosen with care. High-clarity diamonds benefit from the palest possible white metals, such as silver, platinum or rhodium-coated white gold, while colored stones, such as the vivid fancies that are popular at the moment, benefit from warmer metals like yellow or rose gold, and even from more dramatic metals, such as titanium or black zirconium. However, if opting for one of the more exotic metals, do make sure that you have your sizing right, or double-check that the band can be resized: some metals are coated or treated to achieve their color and this will be ruined should the ring need to be resized.

 Finally, consider the person for whom the ring is being designed. A serious and solemn diamond ring will feel oppressive to someone who is more light-hearted, while a quirky design may feel trivial and irreverent to someone who takes the sanctity of their wedding vows a bit more seriously.


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