Because, really, that is the first day of the rest of your life.

The moment you get down on your knee and confess your love for her is more significant than any other time you said those 3 words, 8 letters. This is the first time you express your desire to spend the rest of your life with her; the moment you two will want to remember for the rest of your lives; a story you will be telling over and over again until you’re grey and old, sitting in a rocking chair.

So, are you sure you’ve carefully planned every single aspect of the proposal?

Have you asked her parents?

Oh no, if you thought this practice was left in the past, you were wrong. In fact, more than 75% of grooms-to-be asked their loved one’s parents for permission before popping the question. Though it’s a traditional approach, 21st-century couples are considered to be more mature and have greater respect for marriage, seeing it as a merger of two families. Especially if you know that your better half has a special part of her heart reserved for her family members, it’s best to include this polite gesture in the pre-proposal phase.

Do you have the right ring?

Walking into a jewelry store or browsing an online jewelry store like Jeulia, you’ll face a sea of dazzling engagement rings and options you were never really aware of. The woman behind the counter might splash you with a torrent of new information, like the shape of the diamond, cut, color, clarity, the number of carats… How do you know which one suits her best?

Think – what’s her style? Classic elegance, young chic, stylish and outgoing, or romantic and timeless? You can always go through her jewelry box and look for a ring you know she adores and take it with you shopping. This way, you can narrow down your choices or you can also opt for customized rings which are made exclusively for your girl.

Have you chosen the right location?

What type of girl is she? Will she expect you to dazzle her with an over-the-top proposal in a crowded street, on a romantic getaway weekend when it’s just the two of you, or is it important that all of her loved ones are present? Her personality will be the determining factor, but one thing is certain – stir away from movie clichés! A ring in a cake at the end of a romantic dinner seems like no effort was put, and like all you want is to just get it over with. Try to be more creative, you can go for matching rings which will be a symbol of your love and togetherness forever.

Do you want a lasting memory?

Not many consider hiring a photographer for this occasion, but wouldn’t you want this moment to last forever? Hire a person who will snap a few pics just as you get down on your knee and her face becomes radiantly happy. When times are hard (and there will be difficult moments in your future) you’ll get to go back to this place and remember just how full of hopes and dreams you were, and how nothing really matters as long as you have each other.

In the end…

You need a plan B. Maybe you plan to propose out with a heart ring in the open and the weather unexpectedly messes up your plans; maybe you wanted it to be just the two of you, and out of nowhere, crowds of people start pouring into the streets.

So is there a place to hide from the rain? Or a secluded corner you can run to and get away from the city noise? Expect the unexpected, and don’t allow anything to mess you up – after all, it’s about the two of you and the journey you’re about to take, no one and nothing else.


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