Choosing a lifestyle which is better for the environment is the first step toward being Eco friendly. After that, it is all about taking small steps to make our earth a better place to live for ourselves and future generations. So today, we will talk about eight simple ways to be more eco-friendly in 2022.

1. By Reducing Plastic Pollution:

Plastic free July is a great movement initiated by an Australian, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, which is a global commitment to reducing plastic pollution in July. Plastic Free July was started in 2011 and has turned into an International movement wherein people commit to reducing plastic consumption in their daily lives. So we all need to know plastic-free alternatives to things we use daily to celebrate this amazing initiative called Plastic-free July. For example, there are many products you can replace with more eco-friendly alternatives like 

  • hair comb made from neem wood and coconut & soy wax
  • plastic-free gift hampers including daily planners, banana fibre envelopes, 

banana fibre boxes and much more. 

So, in short, using plastic-free products will make our Plastic free July 2022 a big success. 

2. By Planting Trees:

Trees are the source of oxygen, clean air, and fruits; they prevent soil erosion and provide shelter to wildlife. So, in short, trees are essential for our survival. Therefore, planting trees in and around your home and not cutting them until it is vital can positively impact the environment.           

Also, educating people about the positive impacts of planting trees can be very helpful in preserving the environment.

3. By Using Renewable Energy:

Access to clean and affordable electricity has increased, thanks to Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV). The popularity of Solar PV has increased worldwide due to its affordability. So we can install it at an affordable price to go environmentally friendly.

4. By Conserving Water:

Conserving water is essential as a lot of energy goes into pumping water from lakes and rivers into our homes. Saving water also helps in preserving the energy that is required to filter it.

We can take some small steps which will go a long way in conserving water, like fixing leaking pipes, taking short showers, collecting rainwater to water your lawn etc.

5. By Using LED Light Bulbs:

LED bulbs are far more efficient and last longer than conventional bulbs. The additional benefit is that they come in a variety of designs and a varied range of brightness to choose from. So switching to LED bulbs is a great way to use less power. 

6. By Practicing Conservation:

Practising conservation is about being aware of how natural resources are used daily. This can be as simple as switching off the light while leaving the room and as complicated as building your home using green home building techniques.

7. By Reducing the Use of Harmful Chemicals:

When disposed of openly, harmful chemicals like ammonia, paint, oil, etc., can be hazardous and cause severe air and water pollution. They can also seep into the groundwater and cause severe damage to human health. Therefore we should limit their consumption and dispose of them safely at a toxic waste disposal site.

8. By Composting:

We can reduce the amount of garbage that goes to the landfills, which eventually pollutes the air, by opting for a natural process called composting. This process uses kitchen waste and plant remains and converts them into nutrient-rich food for plants. This way, we can preserve the environment.


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8 Ways to Be More Eco Friendly in 2022

  1. I love these ideas! I always try to use less plastic bags or reuse the ones I have. I don’t particularly love paper straws and paper bags rip easily, but it’s better than plastic for sure. I just hope there will be better alternatives soon!

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

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