Hello all you beautiful girls out there! As we all know winters are approaching so this winter season glam up your night with metallic make-up.

Classic Metal Hues: You can try metal hues like silver, shimmer full tan, deep bottle green, earthy bronze and shades of gold. It is better to apply a base color before adding the eye shadow for strong eye makeup. To give your eyes a dramatic look use black or navy blue eyeliners and smudge it with the metallic eye shadow. Don’t forget to contour the corners of your eyes with a dark shade to create depth. 


Choose the Right Color:It is always the right option to choose a color that best compliments your skin tone. If you have a dark skin tone then go for gold, bronze and glided peach. For fair skin tone shades of silver suites the best. You better play with few colors to check which one suits your skin tone and your style the best.
Lips Time:Go for bold matte red or bright Barbie pink for your lip shade to balance metallic eyes. First, outline your lips with a lip pencil and then add the lip shade.


Face Make-Up:Use a pearl highlighter or bronzer for the base to give a metallic effect. Use blusher for strong contouring and a highlighter on top to give a radiant look. Last but not the least highlight your best features and give your skin a healthy glow by using skin and body illuminator.



This Winter Go For Hot Metallic Makeup

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