It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for a weekend road trip, or a long holiday in goa, or even for a honeymoon in Venice. A long trip generally takes a toll on your beauty, you tend to look tired and exhausted, but don’t you worry we have compiled a set of steps that you need to follow and you will be all good throughout your week or month long trip. These will help you curb the toll travelling takes on our body especially the eyes, skin and hair. We have devised a simple strategy which will help you fight the fatigue and the problems that our hair face while travelling and those dry and reddish eyes. We shall take a look at them one by one and I am so sure you will have all your guns fully charged for the perfect photo session at your destination.


Moisturizing the skin:

While moving from one place to the other your skin tends to loose moisture and attract dirt. So while travelling what you need is a set of wet face wipes and a nice moisturizer. So that, whenever you are drained and your face needs the required treatment you are equipped with a face wipe and a moisturizer. This radiates your skin immediately and frees it from dirt and dryness which is the enemy of the skin. So pack your bags with a special place for these.

Using the leftover alcohol wisely:

Well this generally happens i.e. having an extra bottle of beer saved overnight or some vodka. So use it wisely, wash your hair with them to get the shine you want for your hair. What you can do is apply some beer or vodka to your hair keep it for 15 minutes and then wash.

Take a trendy head cover along:

Well when you travel from one place to another, the water that you use changes thus that has some effect on your hair. So take a good trendy head gear with you like say, a scarf or a hat. This will help you hide your hair during the bad hair days.travelling-items-to-carry-beautyandfashionfreaks

Drink ample amount of water:

While on the go we generally tend to forget about drinking proper amounts of fluid which dehydrates our bodies and then that shows on the skin. So while travelling remember to take in adequate amounts of fluids. Drink lots of water, this will help you save yourselves from potential breakouts, and not just this it will also save you from the effects of dehydration.

Have healthy snacks:

This is one of the most worrying aspects of travelling. The shift in our diets. Even if we have a healthy diet we generally tend to take whatever comes our way while travelling from fried chips to all sorts of soft drinks.  What you need to do is to switch to some healthy snacks, grab some veggies or fruits instead of your temptation of switching to junk food. You can even go for dry fruits or nuts, they are any day better than those fried honey chilly potatoes…!healthy-girl-eating-veggies-fruits

Carry an eye gel pack:

Whenever you are on long journeys the eyes generally take a toll. They turn red and develop red lines. This is a sign of tiredness. So whenever the journey is long carry an eye gel mask with your and put it on whenever and wherever you get time. This will hydrate your eyes and help you avoid the puffiness of your eyes.

Keep your beauty kit with you while you travel:

This is general but sometimes we tend to forget this basic thing. Carrying your beauty bag with you. Keep all the essentials in it, from a good face wash to your mascara, eye curler and everything (I need not mention the whole list all of us know..!).

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