More often than not we desire for things in specific comfort clothing that is above the typical type, clothing that makes us stand out in the crowd and makes our personality sparkle up! There are plentiful of design stores that have emerged in the fashion market and quite elegantly cater to the needs of consumers according to seasons and trends.

Holapick is the hub of genius individual designers who are available to all your doubts of dressing up and when to choose what. They work diligently from the root of the creation of an outfit to the final finish that beautifies the racks of the outfits brilliantly.



Evidently November marks the onset of winter and with that happens a seasonal alteration in our wardrobes. We select more of warm clothes like knitwears, women’s trench coats and cardigans, sweaters etc. and adeptly try to pair it up with our chosen bottom wear, whether we are at home or at work or just out for a hangout! Some ladies get in a dilemma as to how to sophisticatedly rock the style to their work and offices, well fret not because Holapick has an array of classy winter wears that go perfectly with casual pants for work, like a red ribbed plain polyester sweater, lace-up knitted solid sweater. Match it up with casual pants or even denim jeans, it will all account to casualness and working vibes at the same time.




Plain and casual H-line straight-leg pants are going to be your favourite because the style fits the office space and surely oozes the casual vibes that a winter morning would need. White is the new statement piece to fuse with a laced up solid women’s fashion sweaters that’ll reflect your confident personality and a choice of a diva!

So go ahead, select and style yourself stunningly for this winter!


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