Do you feel itchy on your private parts? Yeast infection is a common condition that affects most ladies in our community. Though it may come once after a long time, it is an annoying situation that can become serious. Studies reveal that about 20% of women get recurring yeast infections every year.

Your vagina is a delicate part that only reacts to the way you take care of it. The signs of yeast infection include a cheese-like discharge, a burning feeling or an itchy sensation. Doctors call it vulvovaginal candidiasis. With all that we face as women, why do the complications get worse every day? We will look at the causes of yeast infections and how you can prevent it. Find out more!

What can cause a yeast infection?


Though the causes may differ from one woman to another, there are common causes that could lead to persistent yeast infections. They include:

Anything that causes hormonal imbalance

Your hormones start fluctuating due to things such as pregnancy or taking contraceptives. These changes can cause recurring yeast infections. Estrogen therapy may also alter your sex hormone but cause this infection.

Drug use

Whether it is an antibiotic prescribed by a doctor or an illegal drug, they all interfere with the bacteria that balances your candida. This, in turn, reflects on the changes in your vaginal discharge.


Diabetes mellitus interferes with the sugar membrane in the vagina. This promotes the growth of the infection. 



The viruses affect your overall immune system making it weak. Once this happens, you are prone to different diseases such as yeast infection.


Excess fat promotes lots of moisture that is caused by the skin folding. Your genital areas become warmer than they should be and encourage the growth of candida.

Your dressing

Synthetic panties, as well as tight clothing, promote moisture and warmth.

The anatomy

Doctors reveal that some women’s anatomy can cause recurrent infections. Lack of sufficient range between the vagina and your anus could lead to the growth of microorganisms.


Some women may not know that they are allergic to spermicidal condoms. Lubricants that contain glycerin may also encourage the growth of yeast. Oral sex can cause an infection known as C.albicans which affect the tongue and sometimes the throat. 

How can you prevent yeast infections?

Choose the right clothing

Nylon panties, as well as the ones made from synthetic fiber, can cause allergic reactions interfering with the environment of the vagina which makes you prone to infections. Choose cotton underwear or silk which are useful in absorbing moisture fast to keep the area dry.

Researchers reveal that women who wear tights and leggings most of the time are more prone to yeast infections than those who wear baggy trousers. Do not let your clothes encourage excess moisture around the crotch area.

Instead of sleeping in pajamas, put a free nightgown. You can even sleep nude without any pants for your vagina to remain dry and prevent the growth of yeast.

Maintain proper hygiene

This may go without saying, but most of us clean the vagina wrongly. Do not expose your genitals to strong soaps by rubbing them on the surface. Use a clean towel and more water to clean the inside folds of your genitals. The folds are more prone to infections than the outer surface.

Ensure that you dry the vagina properly after your shower taking care of all the moisture. Some women have habits of sparing the vaginal area to smell fresh. This is harmful as perfumes expose you to infections.

Watch your drug intake

Taking any kinds of drugs whether legal or illegal can cause the yeast infection. They destroy the useful bacteria in your vagina and encourage candida yeast to grow. Get a prescription from a doctor for antibiotics, and take the right dosage to avoid complications.

Most people also take meth to reduce the side effects of other drugs. It also exposes you to yeast infections. Get help from meth rehab to prevent addiction and maintain a healthy immune system.

Stay away from douche products

Douche products are unhealthy in that they get rid of your natural lining that keeps your vagina safe and exposes it to infections. They may also give you allergies that interfere with the pH balance of your vagina.

The market introduced scented sanitary towels to help women feel more confident about their menstrual cycle. These products, as well as tampons and colored tissue papers, could cause vaginal irritation and encourage yeast infections. Do not insert any tampon inside your vagina if you are having an itching sensation because it can make it worse by spreading the infection in the inner parts.

Work out

Doing exercises makes your immune strong to resist such conditions. Always change the sweaty gym attire after your training to keep your vagina away from the moisture. Bath and put on dry clothes after exercising.

Reduce your intake of caffeine

Excess caffeine is a stimulant that interferes with the normal functioning of your body. Replace this with taking lots of water to balance out your hormones.

Take control of diabetes

Reducing your sugar intake when you have diabetes is the best way to maintain the proper level of blood sugar and prevent vaginal infections.

Watch what you eat

Since sugar is a contributor to yeast infections, people have come up with a mechanism they call candida diet that involves getting rid of foods that expose them to the condition. Reducing fermented products that contain yeast as well as dairy products will help you.

Take more vegetables in place of sweet fruits and herbal tea instead of milk tea. Fish, eggs, and beans are also recommended to reduce yeast infections.

Take probiotics

This will cure and prevent yeast infections by restoring the balance of useful bacteria in your vagina. It hinders candida yeast from growing and keeps your vagina healthy.

Stick to one sexual partner

Staying faithful can prevent yeast infections. Scientists reveal that men carry the most vaginal infections that women get. One intimate partner reduces the risk of getting such infections.

Final thoughts

Your vagina is the most delicate part in your body. Proper taking care of it will make you comfortable and healthy and keep you away from infections. Use the techniques we have discussed and break the cycle of recurrent yeast infections today.

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