Spending hours to perfect the pleats and pallu. Endless discussions and arguments with a tailor to get the blouse right. Roaming around in the broad daylight or late night, from one shop to another to get the shade of that petticoat right! You know who are we talking about! A saree lover is a different breed. Women who take sarees rather seriously and the fact is that all of them are one! You may feel that it is difficult to please them with a gift. On the contrary, we can think of 5-gifts for saree lovers that are easily available and don’t even cost you much! Read on and make that special woman in your life feel even more special!

1) Hair Straightener


…but my girl’s hair is alright, you say! A hair straightener is a wonderful tool to not only straighten out the frizzy hair but also the crease and wrinkle of the Kanchi pattu sarees. If your woman likes cotton sarees and travels a lot, this hair straightener can be a godsend for her. Depending on the fabric of the saree, the temperature and duration of smoothing the crease would differ. A soft silk saree would not require that much heat but a cotton saree would require more patience and effort. A hair straightener comes handy particularly to smooth out pleats and pallu. You can easily carry it in the handbag during a commute or travelling as well.

2) Earrings


A woman can never have enough of the jhumkas! The beautiful temple jhumkas, the pin earrings, shoulder-grazing danglers, the oxidised and the crystal-studded ones, she could use whatever you could bring to her. And don’t worry, there isn’t anything like similar designs, too big or too small in jhumkas.

3) A black blouse


A classy black blouse can help her in difficult situations. At times, when the original matching blouse isn’t fitting properly or have a broken hook, a classic black blouse comes to the rescue. A black blouse matches every colour and type of saree. Be it cotton or a Kanjivaram, a black blouse is a friend of all.


4) A makeup kit


Whether she loves to get ready in style or prefers all natural, a makeup palette can help her stay at the top of her style game. If you aren’t sure what to choose, go with the latest trend in makeup.


5) Saree pins


Mind you, these are different than routine safety pins, which can pierce through the delicate fabric of the saree and render it useless as well as ugly. Saree pins or brooches are designed to sport with a saree and look beautiful on the top of it. These brooches come in various sizes, shapes and designs. So, you have plenty to choose from!


These 5 ideas for saree lovers can earn you some brownie points in their dictionary. The best part is that you can never go wrong with them! So, go ahead and make her day!

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