Not all are born with silver spoon in mouth. Neither do all actors make it big. Today we will be talking about those Bollywood actors and actresses who in spite of being an outsider to the industry made it big in the industry on their own. There were no papa, chacha, mama, grandfather and the like, waiting to launch them. They were like the rivers from the mountains, who carved their own paths and made it big in the industry full of despotism.

Shahrukh Khan:
An average looking guy from Delhi University studying in Hansraj College dreamt big and worked hard for it, to be named the Baadshah of Bollywood. From his college days to his debut on the small screen and later the silver screen, this man worked day in and day out to reach where he is today, and we don’t need to explain what he has achieved. Shahrukh Khan naam to suna hi hoga!

shahrukh khan self made star


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
We all remember the buzz that she caused when she was seen in an advertisement on Televisions. She later on conquered Miss India and subsequently went to become Miss World. She was and still is hailed as the most beautiful girl in the world. Everything she touched seemed to turn gold, be it modelling or acting. She is one of the few celebrities to have made it to Hollywood as well. This national award winner despite having no links in the industry is the Bahu of arguably the biggest family of Bollywood i.e. Bachchan Khandan.

Aishwarya Rai Self made star


Priyanka Chopra:
Another Miss world is here on the list and she is our very own Piggy Chops. She is a complete package and the talent that she possesses rarely has any match. Right from the start she has carved her own way in the industry. From national award winning acting performances, singing albums to her newest venture in the American T.V. series- Quantico. She has gone on to achieve which many don’t even dream off. The cherry on the cake is, all this without any god father or familywaad.

priyanka Chopra self made star

Akshay Kumar:
How can it be possible to talk about self-made stars and forget our Khiladi Bawarchi. Well that’s what he did before he entered the dream city of Mumbai. But as his fate had, he was spotted and casted for a movie. After that there was no looking back. He is one of the few actors in the industry whose name is enough for a hit. He is ruling Bollywood and giving tough competition to the Khans. No doubt he is called the “Khiladi”.

Akshay Kumar self made star


Anushka Sharma:
Coming from an army background she had no contacts in Bollywood, but slowly and steadily she made her way in to the industry and is now ruling it. A debut beside King khan and then so many hits in such a short span of time. She has been going great and has even started producing movies so early in her career. She is one of the most bright stars of our industry and we surely look forward to seeing what more she has in her kitty apart from her lovey-dovey with Virat 😉 .

Anushka Sharma self made star of Bollywood


Irfan Khan:
Well his story surely is described best by this dialogue “Kisi cheez ko poore dil se chaho to poori kayanat tumhe us se milane me lag jaati hai”. He had love and passion for movies, more so for acting and as his stars warranted, he was given a break and the rest is history. One of the most talented stars of not only Bollywood but has made great inroads into Hollywood. He dares to be what he is and that’s what his USP is!

Irfan Khan self made star of Bollywood


Kangana Ranaut:

This Bollywood beauty born in a small town of Bhambla in Himachal Pradesh is the Queen of Bollywood currently. With a few initial not so great movies, she is now the Diva the industry looks upto. Beautiful and talented, adjectives fall short while describing this beauty. She has made it on her own, learning from her mistakes and building upon her talent.

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