We guys at beauty and fashion freaks are not able to share much on Arpita Khan’s wedding but finally we are here to share some of the very cute, adorable and candid photographs from Arpita Khan’s wedding diary which Salman Khan shared recently at his newly opened instagram account. Here you can see the newlywed couple Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma along with family members and other guests at the wedding ceremony. We wish all the best  to the newlywed couple for their new life 🙂 lots of love and best wishes <3 <3 Here are some of the pictures from their wedding 🙂arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-1 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-2 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-3 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-4 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-5 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-6 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-7 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-8 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-9 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-10 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-11 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-12 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-13 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-14 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-15 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-16 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-17 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-18 arpita-khan-pictures-wedding-instagram-19

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