Depression is a state of mind and varies in degrees and stages. It is a state where one is lost and loses control, self-belief, enthusiasm and motivation to do any task or activity. It has some warning signs which includes persistent sadness, anxious behavior, empty feelings, fatigue and decreased energy. With depression not only these, but the person suffering from it also experiences loss of interest in hobbies that were once pleasurable. This is a very serious problem faced by many in every country. This is a psychological problem which may have some really serious effects if not countered at the right time. Though depression is a serious problems which needs to be countered with medication under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Here we will discuss what you can do on your end to counter depression naturally. We will talk about some foods and nutrients which can be used to counter depression.


Natural remedies:

There can be a possible reason of improper diet behind depression. If you fix your diet then you can probably fight depression. The items which are whole foods and rich in omega-3 fatty acids should be increased in the diet as they help fight depression’s symptoms. It has also been concluded in various studies that a diet low in cellular building blocks can be linked to depression.

Foods items such as oily fishes and wild salmon are great anti-depressant foods. You need to have these at least 3 times a week, and if you are not able to have them at least 3 times a week you will have to add some supplements of DHA and EPA to your diet to overcome the shortage.

Diet for recovery from depression:

Here I will mention some of the steps of the guide that you need to follow in your diet to fight depression-

  • Eat a diet which is high in nutrients.
  • Eat proper carbs (as they are energy giving foods) for a boost in energy and a calming effect.
  • Keep your diet rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Keep your diet rich in protein as the will improve you concentration and alertness.
  • Keep a check on your weight (health-wise and mentally too if you are fit then you are less likely to go into depression).
  • Eat selenium rich food.
  • Keep a check on your lifestyle, daily routine and eating habits.

If we consider some nutrients then shortage of vitamins especially vitamin B can be linked to the state of depression. So increasing its amount in your diet will also act against depression. This deficiency not only can lead to depression but also increase its severity and length of depression.

Vitamin D helps treat depression:

Vitamin D and its proper levels in the body help reduce depression. In a study in 2006 scientist came to the conclusion that vitamin D and depression have a connection. A study on 80 elderly patients was done and it was found that patients with lower level of vitamin D were 11 times more prone to suffer from depression as compared to people who had normal or higher vitamin D levels.


Exercise, sleep and lifestyle:

Exercise is a very effective and powerful tool to transform your lives and lifestyle. It has been proved in various studies conducted in various parts of the world that exercise boosts mood and mental functioning.  Apart from exercising proper sleep and 10-20 minutes of morning light acts as a stimulant for the body, energizes it and thus fights signs of depression. Exercises and sleep also work for stress reduction and stimulation of mood-modulating neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.

Following some easy and healthy ways in our lifestyles we can come over rather if not come over at least to some extent reduce and prevent the effects of depression. Do share your comments and experiences. Till then stay fit, stay beautiful.

Seek Professional Help

Sit down with an expert who will help identify the root cause of depression before recommending some healing processes to take. Many times, a patient knows what they are dealing with, such as failure in relationship, complicated life issues and loss of a child or inability to conceive. Various therapies are available like the use of baby dolls that look real for postpartum depression cases.

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  1. I have some family members that struggle with depression, it’s an ugly disease! These are all such great tips!

    <3 Shannon

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