·        Oil well:
Applying hair oil is very important if you want to strengthen your hair from roots. Apply oil to your hair at least an hour or two before washing your hair. If you can give a hot oil massage to your hair during monsoon then nothing can be as good as this. Massaging with hot oil allows better absorption of the oil, it conditions the hair well and follicles prevent flaking. (Also check out: 
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Hair Care- Hot Tips for Monsoon


Keep your hair clean: cleanliness is everything, so girls make sure that you wash your hair every day. In case your hair gets wet in the rains then it’s extremely important to wash them off every time it gets wet. We all experience a lot of hair fall during monsoon, the main fact behind this is the excessive humidity in the atmosphere, which causes the hair to break and swell. There are many ways to beat hair fall that includes eating the right food such as milk, curd, fish, egg and fruits etc.

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Hair Care- Hot Tips for Monsoon

Know about your hair type:  Those who have normal hair can wash them as often as required. However, if you have oily hair then wash them frequently, if it feels necessary then wash them every day.

Girls, I hope you have found here some the basic and most important tips for hair care in monsoon. In case you have some other tips in your mind then please do share with us.


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