HOBO BAG: This type of handbag is large in size and slouchy with a long strap. It is called a HOBO Bag as it resembles the shape of the bindle on a stick that hobos are portrayed as carrying over their shoulder in cartoons or drawings. (Check out: How to take care of your leather bag)



It is important to style it the right way. You should avoid carrying it to your offices or any formal event. It goes well with harem pants, a T-shirt and jeans or kurtis as it gives a chic and casual look with all of them. A hobo bag is perfect while travelling as it comes handy when you need to pack plenty of items. (Must See: Check list for girls while travelling)


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Make A Style Statement With HOBO BAG

  1. I haven’t seen a hobo bag for time! There was a time that they were so popular. Wow, how times have changed.
    They so functional as you can carry a lot in it but you can also get a lot lost in the bag!
    Great post!

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