Hi beauties! How are you all? Today I am back with yet another Bride Photography collection which I liked a lot and this one is bridal photography shots and collection from Tanishq Metro Bride ad Gallery. I found this amazing and soft photography collection on internet few days back and as we all know that Tanishq is a prominent jewellery brand and it pioneered the subject and concept of ornaments and branded jewellery in India so I immediately decided to share this collection with all of you in this beauty and fashion blog.

tanishq-wedding-photography2 tanishq-wedding-photography3

I felt really thrilled to see this bridal photography collection by Tanishq and was wondering how soft and delicate an Indian bride can look..Isn’t it really amazing and sooo beautiful?

tanishq-wedding-photography4 tanishq-wedding-photography5 tanishq-wedding-photography6 tanishq-wedding-photography7 tanishq-wedding-photography8 tanishq-wedding-photography9

Now coming to the man behind all these photography works and his name is Suresh Natarajan who is a leading fashion photographer. I found all his fashion and advertising photography works extremely soft, tender, appealing and timeless.

He says:

Look for Great Subjects: Certain subjects like babies, flowers and sunsets may be cliché, but if you are stuck for ideas, they can help you capture spectacular images easily.
Uncertainty can be Good too: Uncertainty and nervous energy can help you make a great image too. I rarely meet my subject before the shoot as I do not believe in breaking the ice. I meet them in front of the camera, under the lights. That moment of uncertainty can work to your advantage. Not knowing what to do, being lost and just experiencing the moment can actually help you shoot stunning photographs.

tanishq-wedding-photography10 tanishq-wedding-photography11 tanishq-wedding-photography12 tanishq-wedding-photography13 tanishq-wedding-photography14 tanishq-wedding-photography15 tanishq-wedding-photography16 tanishq-wedding-photography17 tanishq-wedding-photography18

So friends! Do you like this beautiful metro bride photography collection from Tanishq metro bride ad gallery?

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Beautiful Metro Bridal Photography from Tanishq Metro Bride Ad Gallery!

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