1)      Neon-colored tops and shirts:  Opt for neon color shirts, tops and vests for beating the monsoon blues. You can indulge in all shades of pink, yellow and green in everything, including you accessories and other essentials. Neon is very in and big this summer.

2)      Mix and Match: You may opt to look chic in your old denims by cutting the bottom of it to make it look like a stylish Capri and team that one up with your neon tees and shirts. Capri worn with neon T-shirts and tops looks very stylish.

3)      Wear Light Fabrics: Everyone wants to enjoy the monsoon and getting wet in soothing rains. So how to enjoy the splash of mountain and soak it well with clothes? It’s simple; opt for clothes that are made with blended fabrics such as polyester, linen and crepe that dry easily.

4)      Skirts and crop tops in edgy prints: Just imagine enjoying the splash of rain drops and showers in short skirts and cropped tops, they will let your skin breathe and enjoy the monsoon. They are uber stylish and comfortable too.

5)      Layered looks: You can add a layered look to your kaftans and skirts with asymmetric hemlines to add a little drama as this style looks lovely and works well in this season.

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