It is a tricky task to figure out how to choose the perfect accessory with your workwear. You need to strike a fine balance between fashion and elegance so that it looks right and doesn’t get over the top. Earrings are one of the favourite accessories of women, without which any look cannot be completed. With the right pair of earrings, you can look fashionable even in your work outfit.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are choosing earrings with your workwear. For example, you cannot choose oversized danglers or oversized hoops when you are dressing for your work. Do not choose earrings that have a lot of movement as it can be extremely distracting at the office.

Always keep a minimalistic approach when you are choosing earrings with your workwear. Experiment with various types and designs of earrings, but ensure that it doesn’t look over the top. Inject your personality into your work fashion, but always keep it minimal.

Noisy and glittery earrings are also a strict no-no.

Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the perfect pair of earrings for your workwear.

1. Geometrical Designs: Light-weight earrings are best for work wear as they are comfortable and hassle-free. If you want your earrings to stand out, you can choose small statement geometrical shaped studs that are embellished with semi-precious stones. Geometrical designs are extremely in vogue. They can effortlessly add a zing to your daily work wear. You can pair them with your formal shirt and trousers for a chic and smart look.

2. Silver hearts: Silver heart-shaped hoops or studs look great with white formal shirts and black trousers.

3. Classic Hoops: Instead of studs, you can also opt for classic hoops that will make you look extremely stylish. Silver or gold hoops look great with a blazer and pencil skirt. Tie your hair up in a neat ponytail so that your hoops get the desired attention. You can also choose colorful hoops that complement the color of your outfit. Choose a pair of hoops that will reflect your fashion taste and style. However, do not choose oversized hoops as they can look distracting at the workplace.

4. Pearl drops: Pearl earrings can look extremely classy with your work wear. The beauty and elegance of pearls cannot be overlooked. A pair of simple moon drop pearl earrings can look great with formal outfits. You can choose between white, black and pink pearl earrings so that it complements the color of your outfit. When you are going for team meetings, consider wearing a pair of white moon drop pearl earrings to look sophisticated.5. Oxidized earrings: You can refresh your corporate look with a pair of pretty oxidized earrings. They are available in various shapes and sizes.

6. Diamond studs: Nothing can make you look more elegant than beautiful diamond earrings. No wonder why diamonds are known as a woman’s best friend. A pair of beautiful diamond studs can magically enhance your boring office look. However, you should never exaggerate when you are dressing up for work in order to look professional. You can team your diamond studs with a pantsuit to look elegant and smart.

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7. Crystals: Crystal earrings also look great with work wear. You can choose between crystal clip-on earrings or crystal drop earrings when you are dressing up for work. They will look great with your favourite pantsuit.

8. Flaunt your personality: If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to change earrings every day while going to work, opt for a pair of statement earrings that will help you flaunt your personality. A flower-shaped diamond stud or a star-shaped gold stud can reveal a lot about your personality.

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Here Is How To Pair Earrings With Your Workwear

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