Change can be a terrifying concept and in today’s world moving forward at a pace faster than ever before, those who do not change often get left behind. To ensure that those you love to stay with you and evolve and grow with the needs of time it is important for us to be the change we want to see. Forcing people to change is never a right road to go down on, and history, both recent and ancient has many examples, where inspiration worked better than fear when the time to change was near at hand. Here are a few ways in which you can inspire those around you as well as a few ways to encourage yourself.

Be courageous: It is one thing to say that you are capable of doing something and quite another to be able to actually do it. We in today’s world are surrounded by people boasting and mouthing off their virtues, but it is rare to find someone who is courageous enough to stick to their beliefs and statements. Set an example for all those around you and stand firm on your words and show everyone what it means to be strong enough to accept one’s mistakes. Admitting defeat gracefully is another impressionable characteristic that every leader must possess.

Encourage others: Every leader must have the quality of detecting other people’s potentials, understanding what they are capable of and observing their flaws. You must encourage others to reach the heights of their potential and excel in their chosen fields of work or well being. With the competitive way of life that we have developed for ourselves and the rat race to achieve something better, has left us all in a state of emotional imbalance where we sometimes fail to realize our strengths and end up focusing too much on the weaknesses. Be the encouragement that people need in their lives and help them rise to become their best selves. Whether a simple good morning quote in Hindi or English, or a flower or just a kind word are all that people need.

Listen more, talk less: At times, all that one needs is someone to listen to. Today’s media and other elements of the society have made us so stubborn that we hardly ever stop and look to others. Not just their views about things but their problems and worries. It is the way of nature that no man will ever face a difficulty more significant than his or her capacity but sometimes all we need is someone to talk to so that we can share our problems. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, and as such though you might not be able to offer a solution to the issue at hand, just being a good listener can help people in a lot of ways.

Be vulnerable: In a society where everyone is told to hide their flaws and to try and cover up their mistakes, it is a rare quality of a leader to be able to portray oneself as vulnerable. Be strong enough to accept your mistakes and their repercussions so that others may follow in your lead as you take on new challenges. It is said that the only people who never make mistakes are the ones who’ve never tried to do anything further. Bettering yourself can bring along lots of challenges and do not be afraid to show that you are scared. This will make you more approachable as a leader and inspire people to take on new projects and excel in their endeavors without the fear of failing.

Read good things: Starting your day with a beautiful, good morning quote in Hindi, English or your local language can ensure that you start your day the right way. A happy morning is a definite way to bring along a positive day. Reading good things is more for inspiring yourself than it is for others. It is a tiring task to be a leader and to take care of people and hence it is a requirement that you have a little bit of motivation in your life as well. Inspirational books and videos and scripts are one of the best ways to motivate you.

Shift into the future: One of the most exceptional qualities of any leader is to be able to envision a future and make others believe in it. The only way to achieve that is to leave the past behind and start living in the future. Living in the past and dwelling of the things gone by are all things that make one dull and boring. Keeping your future insight is a sure way of achieving all that you have envisioned for yourself and those around you.

Dream: It is said that if you believe in something with all your heart it becomes a reality. And your thoughts are your gateway to success. Ideas are the seeds that come from your mind, and they plant themselves in your daily lives to become the real force that motivates you to achieve new heights and realize new goals. Encourage others to dream of big things, and one day they will all come true.


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