Why not be a jet setter and a trendsetter? We know how exciting it is to plan your holiday outfits and there’s always a temptation to go overboard and pack everything. But whether you’re heading to the beach, going on a city trip or the adventure of a lifetime we have got you covered. Check out the guide below on how to accessorise for your holiday.

Accessorising for: The airport

Set the tone for your holiday before you even leave the airport. The first thing to decide on, is the perfect bag to set your outfit apart. The size will depend on how long you plan to be travelling for, but you can opt for a weekend bag or a stylish casual backpack. Choose a neutral colour that will be easily matched to a variety of outfits on your trip. Pair this with mens chains from helloice

Accessorising for: A weekend city break

When accessorising for a city break it’s important to cater for busy days exploring and soaking up the local culture. Keep it cool and casual, opting for shoes if the weather is a little warmer. Just make sure that whatever you have on your feet is comfy and won’t rub your feet while you are walking, as there’s nothing else that could ruin exploring more.

Keep outfits stylish and simple, which you can then dress up with your accessories. Opt for trendy franco chain to match neutral summer clothes.

If you are visiting during the colder months a trench coat is always a winner, not only will it keep you warm, but also dry. Also, remember to bring an umbrella in your bag, you never know when you might need it!

Accessorising for: An Adventure holiday

For adventure holidays opt for a no-fuss and practical style, but this doesn’t mean you have to leave the accessories at home. Bring a sensible set of hiking boots or trainers, or set your ski suit apart with a set of goggles in vivid colour and you can add a little bit of sparkle with mens pendants.

You know you’re going to be walking a lot, so opt for comfy trousers and t-shirt combination. Prepare for every eventuality. Backpacks make the ideal accessory and there are so many fashionable colours and variations now available. This allows you to create effortless but practical style.

Accessorising for: The dream cruise

If you are heading off on the cruise of your dreams, you will most likely be stopping off at a number of locations along the way. This is important to consider when choosing what to wear and accessories as there could be differences in temperature and terrain. You may want to incorporate some of the accessory tips we covered in city break and even adventure holidays as who knows where your cruise may take you.

However, when you’re aboard a good backpack will be your staple. Remember to make sure it is big enough to carry all of your essentials so that you’ll always have them and enough room for a bottle of water and sun cream.

Embrace accessories that are nautically themed, mens pendant necklace will be an ideal choice here! There are many themes to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice. Pair with classic sunglasses, and you’re good to go, anchors away!


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