Well girls today I am going to share with you my 3 favorite date dresses that I always rely on and prefer whenever I am planning to go on dates. I am though fond of short dresses but I always believe in experimenting so here I have one short and two long dresses. Dates are just another way of pampering yourself, thats what I have always believed. It is always nice to treat yourself well, get ready, put on some makeup, shop before it, buy some shoes and dresses. After you pamper yourself, you go out with a guy and he pampers you in his own ways. So all an all it is just a treat always. The better you look the nicer the guy will treat you (sounds harsh but its true!). So go girl make him go crazy in his head. Thats why, for your help I am sharing with you some of my favorite dresses, let us get started.

Beading A-Line Black And Beige:

Well the reason I shifted to long dresses is this one. Elegant as it looks beautiful as it appears, this one gives a great feeling when you put it up. I prefer this one for a perfect candle light dinner in a romantic restaurant. Match it with accessories and see the expression on your date’s face, I will say its priceless.

black-beige-beautyandfashionfreaks beautyandfashionfreaks-blackandbeige

One Shoulder Long Red Dress:

Did the guy of your dreams just ask you out? This is the dress which you would want to wear to your first date and impress him like you mean it. This makes you look elegant and that one leg cut makes you appear all the more sexy.

beautyandfashionfreaks-red-1 beautyandfashionfreaks-red

A-Line Short Dress:

This is the kind of dress I love wearing on random outings and dates. I love the flowy feel of this one and moreover it makes me feel all the more free and beautiful. Over that it is one of the?cheap prom dresses,?which just adds to the sexiness factor. I sometimes go pompous and show off a little 😛 .

beautyandfashionfreaks-cream-party beautyandfashionfreaks-cream-party1

I hope you liked my choices, you can buy all these from Miss Dress Shop. So go girl and look sexy for the next date. And do tell us how you liked the post. Love you fellas :***



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