I really like the way Victoria Beckham carries herself! Her charming and polished look have a great fan following and I am no exception to it! J
This singer turned designer has recently revealed some of the easy fashion tricks which she follows in her daily routine. According to Victoria Beckham her designs are borne out of necessity-reported by mirror.co.uk.

So girls! Here are best five fashion tricks by Victoria Beckham which always work:

  • TIP 1: The Loose fitting belly tops: Victoria says if loose-fitting belly-tops are
    worn with a tailored jacket and fit trousers then this will hide everything.
  • TIP 2: The Bingo Wings Jacket:  If you want to hide top of your arms then
    nothing could be better than this. This tuxedo style cape jacket very cleverly
    hides the top of arms.
  • TIP 3: The ‘Up all night’ cure-all: Victoria says a pair of
    sunglasses will hide out the signs of late night sins.

  • TIP 4: The Classy cover-up: what all you need is billowy sleeveless coats for that classy cover-up.
  • TIP 5: The ‘Loose few lbs in 10 seconds’ handbag: If you want to look slimmer then opt for an oversized bag as this will play on proportion which will make you look much slimmer.


So girls! do you like these quick fashion tips by Victoria Beckham?

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