Hello beauties! Winter is just knocking at the door and its chill has already arrived in the air!
Today, I have picked up some wardrobe which will warm and style up your winter
J Well! winter always comes with dreams of endless nights under blankets and hot cup of coffee, tea and Hot Soups. But people like us who are rightly called to be “beauty and fashion freaks”, dream about looking ravishingly hot and smug stylish to with deal with this bone chilling winter. There are lots of options available to brighten winters days such as cropped jackets with stylish caps to look apart instantly, knee length boots to make you look chic. So what are my picks for this winter season? J To know more, simply read on J

Cropped Jackets: This winter if you want to look stylish then undoubtedly the easiest way to look hot and glamorous is to wear Cropped Jackets on daily basis.

Knee-Length Boots: One of the must have indulgence for this season is trendy and delicious boots. You must have seen Singer Rita Ora, take these boots till the knees to
up your style ante.

Singer Rita Ora

Basic black and brown are very good options when it comes to colors. Other vibrant colors can also be tried to bring variety to your look. An important point to be noted here is that do not go for combat versions when this are this much high and seems to ditch heels fully. Better to keep them flat.


Pea Coats:  This kind of coat works very well to keep you stylish and warm as well. Belted pea coats can be tried to make a style statement. You can also pick gold buttoned pea coats for more stylish and laid back vibe.




Revamped Suits: Another Pick is androgyny. A three piece coat to blazers cinched at the waist looks very stylish. Dinner jackets for girls paired with ankle length boots or stylish black heels, looks really nice. You can opt for different designs such as polka dots, plaid and houndsstooth patterns.


The Cape Coat:  I truly believe that picking a cape coat would make you look like a super heroine J they looks extremely stylish, winterish and are a perfect way to cover up without looking overwhelmed.


 So girls what are your picks for this winter season?


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