They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Its totally applicable to the first dates because you should look really stunning to make your man ask you out on the second date. Men appreciate those women who pay attention to their appearances. In other words, if you want to win his heart, you should be not only kind, friendly, and sociable but also look well. When it comes to picking the attire for the first romantic rendezvous, most women find themselves at a loss. Dating experts from Bride Stars advise you to keep to the following principles while deciding how to dress for a date.



Being aware of the venue of your date, youll be able to dress up according to the environment. For example, you shouldnt wear high-heeled shoes if its going to be a bowling date. Jeans and sneakers will look out of place if youre dining at a restaurant.

Going to the theatre, fancy restaurant, or visiting an art exhibition you should be dressed elegantly and stylishly. A classic black dress and heels are the best options for those occasions. Also, add some noticeable but appropriate accessory that will attract his attention and make him compliment you.

A coffee date does not require dressing up. A casual dress or jeans with a smart blouse and a jacket (a cardigan or denim jacket) will make a good combination. Make sure each item fits you


It can be very hard to resist the temptation of putting on your new gorgeous shoes but you should be sensible and wear those shoes whose comfort and reliability you dont doubt. The same applies to the clothes. Your first date is not the right for the experiments with your style. You should put on those garments that youve already worn and in which you feel comfortable. The first date is always pretty nerve-racking and the uncomfortable outfit may cause additional stress. That is why, put on tried and tested armor that will boost your confidence.


The point is not to over- or underdo with your makeup. If hes used to seeing you with a light makeup, its not a good idea to put much eye shadow or wear too bright lipstick. Naturalness is not the last thing that men like in women. Your makeup for a daytime date and for an evening one should be different. If you go out in the night, accentuate your eyes and lips but do it in a moderate way. Your face will be in his focus throughout the whole date so no mistakes are allowed.

Things to Avoid

  • Dressing too solemnly.
    Black may be your favorite color but dressing in black from head to toe is a bad idea for a date.
  • Eccentric clothes.
    A ridiculous designer bag or weird shoes that youve seen in some magazines are good for fashion shows but not for real life. Dont make your man look around nervously fearing to see peoples bewildered faces.
  • Dressing too sexy.
    You take the risk of coming across as light-minded wearing a mini-skirt, spike heels and showing off much skin. Choose only one body part that you want to accentuate (shoulders, arms, cleavage, or back) and cover the rest.

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