We Indians are proud of the taste our motherland has brought us for our traditional acceptance. In dressing Indian embroideries, designs and stitches, print and special crafts are well appreciated by all over the world, and now being an easily accessible era or digitized era of the period, even largely used by foreigners. But typically a gown is a western format of female wearing, which again India has accepted more than anything.

Indians, are the mastermind to fuse genres and nevertheless in dressing as well. They have blended the tradition of Indian craft & pattern on dressing in the most appreciated dignified apparel of the west, the gown, and named it as Indo Western Gown.

Indo Western Gowns are mostly seen on users like brides on their wedding day, in other traditions brides are seen wearing the same gown type on their wedding reception. Also, seen in anniversary party, attending photoshoot, attending press release of movies by celebrities.

Indo Western Gowns By Manish Malhotra

Indo Western Gowns by Manish Malhotra is the special and current trend for Bollywood and Tollywood industry level celebrities. Not only at special events, but also at Movie Premiere, Award Ceremony, Reality Shows or even in Special Appearance on events or as a Guest or Judge on performance shows. Some of the names that comes first according to the present events are Aditi Rao Hydari, Zareen Khan, Diana Penty also our very loved daughter of Bollywood industry Jhanvi Kapoor has fit themselves at various occasions with Manish Malhotra’s special edition on Indo Western Gown.

Not to forget that our showstopper at most of the ramp shows, Deepika Padukone has also recently featured one of the Indo Western Gown by Manish Malhotra.

Indo Western Gowns For Engagement

For engagement ceremonies, we have seen brides and even bridesmaids decorating themselves in the beautiful collection of Indo Western Gowns. These days engagements are not just engagements for your bonding of the relationship, they also mean valuable look that will be mesmerized by the eyes present at the event. Indo Western Gowns for engagements are running successfully because of its variety in the texture, pattern, design, and stitches.

Some of the types followed mostly in engagement ceremonies are:-

Indo Western Gown – Layers

Indo Western Gown – Lehenga Gowns

Indo Western Gown – Floor Length Maxis

Indo Western Gown – Saree Skirt

Indo Western Gown – Back Designs

In India, Indo Western Gown for engagement is the special attraction for eminent fashion buffs to experience in the ceremony.

Indo Western Gowns For The Reception

Reception, in India, is very valuable just like in the worldwide tradition of wedding. Just that Indians organise a reception in one separate day other than the wedding. Along the course of the reception, the guests are all geared up to flaunt their best outfit to impress and decorate the ceremony. On the other hand, these modern brides, believe their taste of trend and seen appearing with Indo Western Gowns for the reception, that definitely pleases the visual of the guests at the celebration.

Some of the types of Indo Western Gown that compliments the reception event are:-

Indo Western Gowns  – Gowns with Desi Ruffles

Indo Western Gowns  – Dhoti Sarees

Indo Western Gowns  – Colour Combinations

Indo Western Gowns  – Back Designs

Indo Western Gowns  – Desi Prints

Indo Western Gowns For Plus Size Wear

This beautiful, marvellously made choice of gown, should not be restricted to only shaped figures and trimmed figured women. So, designers have carefully made Indo Western Gowns for plus size wear, so that women who are oversized can feel the similar bless and try out the latest trend with any type available.

These gowns can also be made customised, but recommended designers should be trusted in order to avail the best fit, design and finish in the product. As it is not very inexpensive a dress to opt for.

Indo Western Gown is the latest trend in the market, to choose your one, get an idea from the writing in this article. No need to frown, as long as you wear that gown!!! Cheers!

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