Although travel is not at the top of everyone’s list during the current coronavirus pandemic, there is a myriad of experiences and attractions across the country waiting for you when the restrictions are lifted, and it is deemed safe to explore once again. To virtually no one’s surprise, Orlando provides some of the best opportunities to experience the sun, sand, and visit some of the most memorable and iconic places the country has to offer. Everyone knows the obvious choices such as Universal Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort, but Orlando has so many other options that are worth your time and money in addition to those tried-and-true favourites. So, if you find yourself in the Sunshine State, here are three things that you absolutely must do. 

ICON Orlando

If you have ever wanted to take in an entire city with 360-degree views at over 400 feet, ICON Orlando is calling. Offering spectacular views of the Florida skyline and the surrounding city, you really cannot go wrong by spending some time on the highest observation wheel in the entire eastern United States. Whether out with friends and family, or with a significant other, try to grab tickets for right around sunset where you can experience some of the most breathtaking views. While you are at it, you can grab drinks and a fantastic meal at the entertainment complex located right at the foot of the wheel. 

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

If you have ever dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid or simply are curious about what space exploration is like, The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will provide a scratch for your itch and so much more. Featuring incredible interactive exhibits that are reminiscent of what you would see in science-fiction movies, the inner child in you will have no choice but to come out to play. There is even an incredible Shuttle Launch Experience that is exactly what it sounds like. Functioning as a library for all things space exploration and having countless displays to keep you hooked throughout your entire visit, make sure to book your trip to the Kennedy Space Center, as space can fill up quickly. 


Visiting this wildlife preserve may not be for the faint of heart as it provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with alligators. Offering a variety of experiences that cater to any comfort level, Gatorland prides itself on its ability to offer authentic experiences and educate the public about an often-misunderstood creature. Whether you are interested in a zipline adventure over some of the parks Nile crocodiles or in feeding some baby alligators, this 110-acre nature preserve assures a great experience for young and old alike. 

With countless things to do, Orlando, Florida is a destination that should be put on anyone looking to have a great vacations calendar. While there is no telling when the pandemic will end, there are undoubtedly too many things to do while in Orlando to simply keep putting it off. 

Watch Out For Scams

Orlando is a prime vacation spot so make sure to watch out for timeshare scams. Learn about Florida timeshare laws and California timeshare laws to prepare yourself should you accidentally find yourself the owner of a timeshare you no longer want. 


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Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

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