Bohemian fashion is all about the expression of individuality. It is about sharing your true characteristics and personality through the use of free-flowing materials. By combining the correct garment styles, vintage fashion, hippie mentality, and exotic cultures, it is possible to enter a realm of existentialism while looking like a trendy fashionista.  How can a person do this?  Well, this article will provide some top tips and information on how to use boho chic dresses to your advantages and be a bohemian fashionista.

1. Layer It

The first step to being a bohemian with the help of boho chic dresses is to combine various garments and wear them on top of each other.  The ideal layering technique is to begin with basic fashion blouses and then place a cardigan or sweater atop the blouse.  It is, however, important that the cardigan or sweater is short enough for the blouse to be seen.  After this, place some jewelry and a scarf on.  The trick to remaining stylish with layers is to combine both loose and fitted pieces in order to balance the look.  In addition, it is important to avoid piling too many garments on one another with large and long layers.  This is especially true if you have a small frame as the layers will draw attention away from your face.  If, by any chance, this does happen you may have some problems with the layering and should consider beginning again.


2. Using Earthy And Rich Colors

The bohemian fashion embraces earthy and rich colors with its primary palette being very rustic.  The typical colors revolve around greens, off-set whites and creams, brown, black, deep purple, terracotta, mustard yellow, and metals including silver or gold.  It is important to use the colors you feel most comfortable with and layer them in a complementary fashion.  A black or brown base is always a beneficial option with layering in various colors stemming from the base color.

3. Injecting Your Personality

While bohemian is about wearing vintage and exotic garments, it is important to combine these garments with items that express your individuality.  It is vital that you share your personality in the styling and avoid dressing according to another trend, such as a hippie or gypsy from toe to top.  In these situations, the person generally looks like a carbon copy of another era and many people may find it enjoyable at first but hardly expressive of one’s individuality. When using dresses, it is vital that you add a signature for others to know this is your style and your style only.  You can check out some amazing dresses for sale from our favourite online destination Charmwish when it comes to boho fashion. Examples for individual signatures include print tunic tops with pearls or black shoes.  Inserting accessories is useful as it does not influence the layers, yet still shows interesting and unique characteristics.

4. Exploring The Global Community

One of the most exciting aspects of bohemian fashion is its rich and expressive nature; this is why exotic details will always complement the chic designs.  Examine the community you place yourself in and try adding the designs of that community into your style, such as cuff bracelets from India or scarves from Peru.


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