Hello Girls! Today I have some very important and hot tips to wear leggings the right way.

Pair them up with longer tops: Your shirt or top should be long enough to cover your rear end but they should not be that long so that it reaches your mid thighs. Leggings look better with long shirts or tops and they look horrible with short tops.

Leggings are mere accessories not pants: If you think leggings are a substitute for pants then you are mistaken big time. This is the time you need to check and correct your facts. If you wear them without covering your rear end, the flaws you have around your rear end and waist will be clearly visible. In case you have perfect curves only then you can afford to go wild. Otherwise, you should team them under shorts or skirts so that way your rear end will be covered up.
Go for simple colors: It is preferable that you keep the choice of color simple. You should stick to solid and plain colors in case you do not want to make any statement. Above all, it is very important that the color of your leggings matches the rest of your outfit. Black and brown are the colors that tend to coordinate with most of the outfits. Same is the case with lighter colors such as grey.

Choose the right length of clothing to pair them up with: Choosing the right length of clothing is very important. Long skirts look horrible with legging. You should choose tight fitted skirts with leggings and avoid baggy skirts as they don’t look good with tight fitted leggings. You are supposed to choose the skirts and short that fall just above your knees. Leggings look the best when you wear them with clothes of just the right length.
Socks or leg warmers are a big NO-NO with leggings: Socks and leg warmers if paired with leggings is a fashion disaster. All you need to do is find an attractive pair of shoes. Avoid wearing boots or sandals with leggings as they don’t look good with them. Fitted leggings look best on their own.  


Style Guide: How to Wear Leggings the Right Way?

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