Myths About Hair Care


Myths about Hair Care: Hey girls I am back with some more myths and this time it is about Hair Care.
It is a common belief that to get shiny hair, brush your hair with 100 strokes. On the contrary, this is totally untrue and of all the myths I hear about this one is the furthest from reality. 
 Combing your hair only detangle them, it is a myth that it leads to better circulation for the scalp. Our body’s oil automatically spread through the scalp. You should comb as much as required as anything more will cause hair to weaken and break which is completely opposite of what is believed.
Another belief is that plucking grey hair causes more to appear. There is no evidence to proof this logic. Grey hair only means that your body has started its process of aging. Grey hair will increase at the rate your body will produce them irrespective of plucking. The only damage that plucking grey hair can cause is that it can damage the roots. Sniping grey hair with scissors as close to the scalp as possible is always a better way to reduce them rather than plucking.
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