Winters are here and the time has come to take some extra and special care of your hair. The chill of winter takes away the moisture of our hair scalp, leaving it dry and difficult to manage and dandruff becomes an integral part of it. Itchy scalp leaves us in a fuss! Thus, hair needs extra care and efforts in winters to tackle all these nightmare kind of problems. So, today I will be sharing some hot tips which will help you in maintaining healthy hair this winter. Let’s begin:

Do not wash very frequently: 

Washing away the hair frequently will leave your hair striving for moisture as frequent washing strip hair of its natural oils and leave it dry. This in turn will also leave your scalp itchy and dry.


Cover them up: 

One of the best ways to take care of your hair during winters is to cover them up with scarf or a cap. This will help you in protecting your hair from the cold wind that makes it dry, brittle and uneasy to manage.


Limit your Comb Usage: 

It is pretty essential to use a wide-tooth comb while combing wet hair as hair is most fragile when it’s wet. Try to avoid over brushing, it will damage your hair.



Deep Conditioning:

As we know that hair need more moisture in winter so do not forget to condition your hair after bath. Winter blues can be best dealt with deep conditioning which will help to keep your hair strands supple and shining.



Do Not Use Hot Water:

It’s best to avoid hot water in winters. You can opt for head bath using lukewarm or cold water and then air-dry your hair. Leave-in conditioners and serums are also very good idea this season.


Do not Heat your Hair: 

Try to avoid hot irons, blow dryers and curlers on your hair. the less use of hair styling tools will lead to better manageable hair.



I hope these tips have helped in finding out the ways by which you can take an extra care of your hair this winter season. I myself have tried these tips and more than satisfied. I am sure that it will help you too. Have a happy winter J

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