Hey girls! Here are few tips on HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR LEATHER BAG??
How To Take Care Of Your Leather Bag??
1.     Store it well:  Always keep your leather bag away from direct sunlight and heat as it can damage the bag, causing it to fade or become dry or cracked. High humidity can also cause damage as it leads to mildew on leather bags.
2.    Stuff it up: It is very important to stuff the inside of your leather bag with tissue paper or any other paper before storing it as stuffing keeps the sides of the leather from collapsing when it is not in use. It is very helpful in retaining its shape.

How To Take Care Of Your Leather Bag??


3.  Clean it right: You should clean your leather bag with special leather shampoo when it looks soiled. You can also go for leather protection and conditioning cream or spray on the bag at least twice a year. In case you use your bag more frequently or on a daily basis then you should use these measures more often especially if you live in a dry climate.
4.     Keep it away from Food Items: Do not store food items in your leather bag or don’t keep it on unclean kitchen or restaurant counters as dirt and food stains can spoil your bag.
5.     Avoid excess stuffing: You should avoid placing heavy items in your leather bag as it can cause the handles or straps to stretch and break. Keep pointed items, makeup etc in protective cases rather than keeping them loose in your bag to avoid any kind of staining.


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How To Take Care Of Your Leather Bag??

  1. Nice tips dear…quite helpful. will always keep in mind for my bags as it applies for all kinds of bags…nt only for leather ones.

  2. this is useful, specially if you’re planning to invest in a good designer piece!

    I’ll make sure to take care of my belt bag with these advices 🙂

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