Do you know one fashion item that I absolutely cannot get enough of? A dress. Dresses are my go-to when I need to look cute – cuter than a t-shirt and yoga pants – but still want to be comfortable. From their comfortable fit to their stylish look – maxi dresses have been in style for quite some time now.

Whether it is a strapless maxi dress on their own during the summer or one with a jacket thrown over it during the fall – they are not only fashionable and comfortable but they are also versatile. As far as cheap dresses online are concerned is my one and only destination. They have such a breezy silhouette and an extensive range of prints, which just adds to why I love this online store so much. But, with all the maxi dresses floating around, you are probably looking for a way to stand out while still fitting in – kind of an odd concept, I know. But, what I mean is that you can fit in by wearing a maxi dress, but you don’t just have to throw on the first one you can find – it is all about searching to find the best and I can bet without any hesitation that BerryLook would not disappoint you as far as finding that right dress for you is concerned.





This article will give you a few style tips on how to wear maxi dresses:

1. Go for a boho vibe. When it comes to fashion, the boho look is one that has stood the test of time. And, my favourite part about it is that it is oftentimes cute and comfortable.
Here is the prime example – go for a loose-fitting maxi dress, some strappy sandals, and full-bodied beach hair. That classic boho look comes from being stylish but also looking comfortable and slightly like a beach bum. Is that not the easiest look, right?

2. Get edgy with it. Dresses are often seen as classic, girly, and elegant. But, why not get a little edgy with it? It always takes an outfit to the next level when you add a little flair to it, a few hardcore accessories like scarves, bags and jewellery from Grab your favourite maxi dress and pair it with Converse and a great leather jacket. You can find some of the best cheap clothes online at my favourite online destination, they offer the best clothes at such an affordable price and that is an additional reason for loving this online store so much.






3. Transform a delicate dress. Like I mentioned above, dresses are often seen as classy and elegant. And, that is even further enhanced when the dress is intentionally delicate – such as a lace pink dress or something of the like. But, a great jean jacket can easily toughen up that sweetheart look and make it the perfect outfit for a cool night.

4. Highlight that extra length. Some maxi dresses have a small train, which just adds to the drama. But, unfortunately, if not highlighted correctly it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

If you have a dress with a long train, try pairing it with a fitted jacket or a fitted cardigan from BerryLook to pull the dress in and making it more fitted – therefore, drawing all the attention to the train following behind you.





5. Balance it out. A maxi dress with a bold print is a great way to make everything you touch turn to fall. Plus, it is a great way to add a variety of colours to your look. But, with such a bold print, adding anything else can make the outfit seem overwhelming. So, try to keep your accessories neutral. For example, pick out your favourite colour from the print and match your shoes and your purse to that but keep the accessories just neutral.

6. Class it up. When I first saw maxi dresses, I thought they were only for a night out. You only wear long, floor-length dresses for a black-tie occasion, right? You can easily wear them during the day – as we’ve seen on tips No. 1 through No. 5 – however, let’s take it back to the classic look now. Let’s take the long maxi dress for a night out. Add some fancy heels and you will be ready for any black-tie event!

7. Find your inner minimalist. Thanks to their dramatic shape and length, maxi dresses can actually just stand alone. If you are headed out for a day of shopping or just feel like keeping it simple, tap into your inner minimalist. Throw on your favourite maxi and a pair of basic sandals from BerryLook and you are ready to go!



Rather you are going for a classy look or the basic, minimalist look – either way, a maxi dress has what you need.

Which way are you going to style your next maxi dress?

The options are endless!


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