Bollywood Diva’s Smoky Eye Makeup Looks

Hello all beautiful girls! You know what that I have always loved Smoky eye makeup. Its looks so stylish and chic.  Whenever you have to go out to a big concert, night party or fancy gala to attend then creating smoky and experimenting with new trends can add a bit of some sophisticated drama to your personality and look. Today I have come up with some of the latest trends of smoky eyes in the bollywood fraternity and collected some of my favorite smoky eye makeup of bollywood actresses; hope you love their makeup as I did 😉 they carry the smoky eye makeup with such a grace and fineness and they always inspire us to experiment with smoky eye makeup.Have a look at some of the bollywood actresses who carry this look with such an ease and charm and always come out stylishly.

 Anushka Sharma looks really beautiful and stylish wearing smokey eye makeup. She carries the look gracefully in Indian as well as in western look.

Who isn’t a fan of Aishwarya Rai’s beauty. She carries all the makeup looks so nicely and stylishly, Smokey eye makeup is not an exception 🙂


Pee Chee (Priyanka Chopra) looks fab with this eye makeup look.

I love the way Sonam Kapoor carries her self. I am an admirer of her style of makeup, dressing sense and all. She always experiments with her looks and comes out well and beautiful with every new experiment.

Oh, what beautiful eyes Rani Mukherjee has!! trust me, i love her eyes even without makeup. And when she wears this smokey eye makeup style then she makes me jealous to the core. Wish i would have such a beautiful pair of eye as she has.


There isn’t any comparison of this Bengali eye beauty-Bipasha Basu.

Doesn’t Kareena look fabulous with smokey eye makeup, this makeup style looks perfect on her, and she carries is well too.


The new mommy on the floor-it’s Lara Dutta, former Miss Universe. She looks stunning with this eye makeup.

New Bride Vidhya Balan carries this makeup look so well on Indian Dresses as well as on western dresses.


So, girls go and try this smoky eye makeup look, i am sure you too gonna look smoky hot and ravishing. Smoky eye makeup is an art and with little effort, we can experiment with it too 🙂

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