I was just thinking today that how it would be if every time you get dressed you have a chance to be creative. I simply love creativity, off course most of the people do. It simply jazzes us up, I guess I could not find even a single such exercise which can rejuvenate us that much as playing with your wardrobe and accessories.

Your age, physique, size doesn’t matter. What matters is how you carry yourself and how much comfortable you are in the skin and dress you are wearing. It boosts your confidence. How does it feels when you are not comfortable in the wardrobe which you are carrying, how much does it scare you if you image your friends come to you and say that you look awful and seems to a disaster in this hair style, dress and makeup? All such comments scare us up to the bottom.  (Also Read: Easy Fashion Tricks By Victoria Beckham)

So, how to style your wardrobe? What accessories you should wear? What should be your complete look? What all important dresses you must have in your wardrobe?  Confused? You need not As today I have come up with some of the “must have’s” or say essentials in your wardrobe There are some rules which should be kept in mind before planning a wardrobe. To begin with, two “must have’s “in every woman’s wardrobe is the sari and salwar-kameez. This essential wardrobe ideally should have three mix-match salwar sets, few saris for different occasions and two dressy sets. My personal favorites are silk and cotton. Artificial fabric and fabric with heavy zari work irritates the skin.

You must invest in the following:

·         Trousers, a good black pair and some khakis for work.

·        At least two pair of a jean which look best on you and flatters you. One dark and other some light shade.

·         White shirt (you much take extra care of it as white does not stay white for a long time if mishandled)

·         Two pairs of leggings to be worn under kurtas and tunics.

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·         A flattering formal dress which can be worn in parties and evening or on a date. It must be comfortable.

·        Bangles, earrings, bracelets and neck pieces.

·        One pair of flat ballerinas, sensible and elegant heels, comfortable flat shoes, one foot wear with pop up colors to brighten you day whenever you wear it J

·       One nice day bag, clutch/Minaudiere for evening.
·         Last but not the least good quality sleeping wear and inner wear are musts.
Hope you have found some of the ideas on “must have’s” and essential wardrobes for yourselves here. In case you have some other essentials in your mind I would love if you share them with me J

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