Getting the perfect photography backdrop is as difficult as getting a perfect photo. Being on the easier side of the camera, you might think that getting a good backdrop doesn’t involve much of the efforts. But you are quite wrong here. A photography backdrop is more of a technical and subjective element than getting a correct photo.

Let’s have a look at what are some of the most important points which you need to keep in mind while deciding the photography backdrop –

1. Backdrop Size – Two most important determinants of this point are the size of the studio and the size of the subject. In case of portrait subjects, it should technically be 3 inches away from the backdrop to avoid shadow and take in proper lighting. And also, when it comes to portrait pictures then the background should not be much cluttered. The focus should be on the subject to keep the background simple.


2. Backdrop Mounting Options – To mount the backdrop, there are various options available. Some of them involve DIY mounting whereas some of them can be hanged. The simplest, cost-effective and less time-consuming way is to go for wall hooks. You can also install them in the wall but then make sure if you will be using the removable backdrop or not. You can get loads of other backdrops options at Pick the one you like the best.


3. Backdrop material Options – This point particularly is very important. The material of the backdrop will determine the life of the backdrop. So, you must go for a high-quality backdrop which also gives you gorgeous pictures.

For instance, polyester fabric with embossed velour which is mostly featured in modern vintage backdrop collection is a great fabric that avoids wrinkles and the thick velour makes up for a great texture. But this fabric is not washable and thus you must take extra care while using this.

One of the most common backdrop materials is lightweight polyester. This is mostly used for the cloudscape backdrops. This is again used in the case of portraits. This is machine washable and also easier to transport.


4. Backdrop Tips & Tricks – Some images might require a blurred backdrop. Thus, it’s important to create depth of a field. To create more focus on the subject you can go for a printed or abstract backdrop but blur it to soften the image.

A common mistake in the photograph especially the portrait photograph is the shadow. So, what you can do here is that place the subject at least 3 feet apart from the wall. This will avoid unnecessary shadow on the wall.


High key lighting plays a major role here. The lighting will focus on the subject and blur everything around it. Such a perfect and strong trick will keep the attention only on the subject and nowhere else. Similarly, low key lighting can also be used. But then make sure that your subject is dressed in light clothes only. Then the image will evolve beautifully.

Above mentioned are some of the most important and simple backdrop tricks to get the perfect photo you always desire. They are non technical and are tried and tested by everyone. So guys try them and share your experience in the comments down below.

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