Hi beauties! How are you doing today? Well! This time I am going to share one of my favorite Natural sprays! It is a gifted one and that too by someone very special! Thus making is really special:)though this doesn’t affect my review 😉 lol.. Jokes apart! This perfume is one of my favorite perfumes for two reasons’ –first reason is its fragrance and second reason is obvious:).

I wanted to review it for long and this time I finally decided to review it and share my experience with you all. So without wasting any time further let’s begin:

What does the company claim?

It’s a glamorous bottle resolutely feminine. Irresistibly voluptuous, lily and jasmine perfume the heart of the night and abandon themselves to the musk and white amber. At dawn, the misty tea roses bloom. Floral White.


Category: Perfume for woman.
Type: Eau de Pefume Natural Spray.
Quantity: 75 ml
This is a gifted one so don’t know for how much it was purchased but by
searching on internet price comes out to be € 13.50 (please correct me)

Availability: online and some selected stores

My take on Chic-Issime Perfume Spray:

Who doesn’t want to smell good and win complements? With no exception, I too love collecting complements. And when I am supposed to talk about this perfume spray I must say that I absolutely love this one J. From packaging to fragrance, I loved everything about it. It goes very well with each and every occasion, be it an evening out with friends, a brunch, a wedding function or you simply want to put it on just to pamper yourself and give your mind a good relief. Its fragrance is neither too hard or nor too soft. I believe most of the girls would surely like it and
will surely enjoy good and cosy complements from their male counterparts as well.


Pros of Chic-Issime Perfume Spray:
  • Lovely fragrance
  • It comes in a very beautiful and feminine packaging.
  • It lasts for 4-5 hours easily.
  • Transparent bottle which easily shows the quantity of liquid left.


Cons of Chic-Issime Perfume Spray:
  • Not easily available.
  • Anyone who doesn’t like Lily and jasmine fragrance may not like it.
  • Apart from this I don’t find any cons of it! It’s an amazing natural spray perfume with lovely feminine fragrance.


Will I purchase it again?

Once it will be finished, I will surely purchase it. I love its lily and jasmine fragrance. Anyone who likes lily or jasmine fragrance will love it for sure.

My Rating:
4.75/5 (-.25 for availability)

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