It’s a dream of every girl to have a clean and clear complexion with beautiful and flawless skin! Isn’t it? For getting a clear complexion a deep cleansing routine is a must at least once in a week. It’s very important to cleanse your skin using a cleanser. Apply some cold cream or massage oil on your face and then follow it with a relaxing facial massage.


Relaxing Facial Massage:
A massage is required for all kind and types of skin. For conditioning and reviving your skin, facial massage is a must. It relaxes the facial muscles by raising the temperature of your skin, thereby improving the circulation of skin. Facial massage helps in soothing and erasing the tensions that are present in facial muscles. When age increases, the necessity to tone and firm up the sagging muscles also increases, thus as you grow old, massaging takes a major role to firm up your skin and retain your youth. Massage should be done with a right technique and procedure to get full benefit from it.



Right way to do the facial:

                                                               You Need:


  • A hair band
    to Tie up your hair.
  • A good
    massage cream.



Take the hair band and tie up your hair neatly, to keep them away from your face. Apply ample quantity of a good massage cream liberally all over neck and face. Start the facial massage from at the base of your throat. Then move towards the chin using fingers of one hand which is to be followed in quick successions with other hand’s fingers. Tap all over your face and neck using first and second finger. Gently press the thumbs under the middle part of the chin line and smoothly stroke outward, towards the end of the jaw line. Next step is to push your chin gently upwards with both of your hands. Move the hands to upward direction on either side of mouth and gently move towards your ear lobes. Now your nose area! Gently massage your nose with gentle and upward movement on either side of nose.


Now with circular movements massage the surrounding area of eyes and the center of eyebrows. Move in a vertical direction from brows to hairline. Massage with small, gentle and circular movements. Allot extra time for those areas which are problematic area and require special care such as lined forehead. Repeat these steps 4-5 times. By using these techniques you will surely become a master of the art of doing facial, doing a facial this way give you great relaxation and will add a beautiful charm and glow to your face. So what are for waiting for? Go and relax your
facial muscles


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