As it isPurity, health, nutrition packed into a source of fitness, would you prefer it? Let’s see what the brand is about. As-It-Is a brand for pure and chemical-less products which promote nutrition, so you don’t have to go places to find that perfect nutritional pack without any contamination.

Up for today’s review, As-It-Is Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavored is for beginners who want to muscle up their routine with ease and no chemical elements in their whey protein powder.



Out of the two proteins found in Milk, Whey and Casein, Whey makes for the liquid part left after cheese is processed. It is further disintegrated from liquid and constitutes of a blend of protein, lactose, minerals, immune globulins and traces of fat. But prominently it is protein present in Whey, making it the most popular in the protein industry for building lean muscles.



  1. Muscle Building- Asitis Nutition Whey Protein is raw and natural. It is ideal for beginners and workout enthusiasts interested in intense workout. It boosts recovery while reducing muscle loss.
  2. Limited Processing- Asitis Whey Protein is processed in a minimal manner and preserved naturally, to give you maximum results of protein and nutrients. Clean and pure powder concentrate is assured, free of preservatives and fillers.
  3. High Protein Concentrate- per serving of 30 grams, there is 24 g protein and 6.7 h BCAA. Definitely effective for muscle gain and synthesis.

HOW TO USE- You can use it with water, milk, juice. Just add 1-2 scoops (1 scoop equals 30 gms) of ASITIS Whey Protein powder and mix properly. Additionally, you can add fruits or any other diet specific item to consume with it.

TASTE- Since this is an unflavored pack, there is no taste of its own, neither any kind of fragrance. It adapts to the taste of whatever you use it with. Its ability to mix is also decent, so you can expect a very easy experience of consuming this.   


INGREDIENTS- Whey Protein Concentrate 80%

PRICE– As-It-Is Nutrition ( Beginners ) Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavoured (250Gm) is available on online portals. It is a great pick if you are newly starting out a fitness routine.



– Comes in a handy, zip-lock packaging.

– Preservative free

– Promotes lean muscle building

– Perfect for beginners

– Gluten free

– Very affordable

– Available online

– Consume with any beverage you like




Finally, it is a good choice for beginners who are ready to start a workout routine, with a good performance of protein powder. Increasing metabolism, enhancing lean muscle building, its composition of 80% Whey protein makes it a recommended product in the market. As-It-Is ensures a stable protein diet in a pocket-friendly way.

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