Weddings are around-the-year affair, and it is only natural to sometimes find yourself, as a bride, being the stress bearer. The major fragment of that stress is finding your perfect wedding dress, and all that follows up to style as a bride. Fit to the T and appealing in its colour, silhouette and cuts, wedding dresses should be elegant but with ample touches of glamour. Getting your hands on sexy wedding dresses is now not a task, since babyonline dress packs a diverse range of wedding outfits, you definitely would want it all.

From the various choices under wedding ensembles, from ball gowns and A-lines to ruffled and bodycons, one that stands out for its figure-flattering tailoring is the mermaid dress. Mermaid wedding dresses have been previously spotted on many Hollywood superstars, including the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Hilary Duff, Kim Kardashian and even Michelle Kwan. Babyonline dress can be seen synonymous to stunning mermaid gowns, available in budget. Mermaid silhouette is popular for its body hugging design and a flared bottom, coupled with a well defined neckline, sleeves and a trail. Champagne, blush pink and ivory are seen donned by many brides, whereas red and other quirky colours are making an entry in the bridal dress scenario too. A head veil or a gem-studded crown adds to the beauty of the dress.

Halter-neck wedding gowns are a great pick for beach weddings because of its free and fit outlines. A pretty hair bun or braids go best with it. For strapless and tube necklines, gowns can be paired with beautiful pearl accessories and loose, wavy hair. Don’t forget to adore your look with a vibrant flower bouquet, because nothing looks ethereal than the combination of the wedding extravaganza and the simplicity of flowers.


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