When you are in a relationship, your boyfriend will always shower you with magical words that make you feel out of this world. Relationship counselors and experts agree that a perfect relationship should be caring and full of compliments. Women love to hear the sweet and beautiful compliments like, ”You are beautiful,” at all times. But what should happen next when these words come out of his mouth? Of course, he will wait for your reaction and reply. Here is how to go about it.


Appreciate It and Say Thank You

The very first reaction when this compliment comes from your boyfriend would be to say ‘thank you.’ Of course, this is what he expects, and it will be a shock if anything else comes from you. ‘Thank you’ may be a cliché, but it means a lot to a man when it comes from a woman he loves. Even if the compliment takes you by surprise, do not forget to thank him.


Keep Eye Contact

There is some magical about keeping eye contact when people communicate. This is the time to search for his eyes to see how beautiful his heart is as he compliments you. Eye contact has several meanings like concern, attention, and care when maintained by people who are in love. Before saying any words after this, you need to look at him directly in the eyes and you will understand how sincere he is when complimenting you.

Give Him a Hug

Every person loves a genuine hug, especially if it is coming from a person they are in love with. A hug is a magical expression of care and appreciation according to experts. If you just met your boyfriend from https://www.happymatches.com or any other dating website, you will increase your chances of having a long-term relationship if you give genuine hugs to show that you care. Giving him a warm hug after he tells you how beautiful you are will make a big difference in your relationship.


Respond With Casual and Flirty Questions

After all of this, the moment is not yet over. It is your time to take it a step higher now that the mood has been set. You can ask casual questions that are flirty to spice up this special moment. Let your tone stay polite and casual because increased seriousness and formality may make him panic. Of course, one of the main ideas was to ease the moment and get a conversation rolling. So, let it be.


Do Not Be Rude

As all this is happening, one of the things to avoid is being rude. It does not matter if you have not been on good terms before the meeting and that you are still angry with him. It is better to say ‘thank you’ and leave it at that. Being rude will only make things go south, which is not healthy for your relationship.

Men love to compliment women that they love and this is not a new thing. So, knowing how to handle it in the best way as advised above is very important.


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