Suffering from a sore throat? Or having some cough? None of these two conditions are good to be in, and they have their own different remedies but there is this one effective remedy which cures both and with certainty, and that is a salt water gargle. The salt water (or saline water) has its share of anti-bacterial properties which helps you come over the painful sore throats. It works like magic and relieves you of the irritating sore throats that you may be facing. Before discussing the benefits of salt water let us make clear what sore throat is.-Gargle-Saltwater-

What is sore throat?

This is a situation in which the throat becomes dry and itchy, it is a bacterial infection caused by a bacteria named bacterium or streptococcus. It acts on the throat and harms the soft tissues present in the throat also known as mucosa.

The next question that comes is: how to do salt water gargle?

Firstly for doing the gargle you need to heat water and add some salt to it (depending on the amount of water). Then when you are done with this solution go to the wash basin and sip the water but do not drink it. After you have some water in your mouth gradually start lifting your head and look at the sealing. Now after you are facing the sealing try producing a moaning sound, when you do this you will feel the salt water bubbling in your throat. Do this for some time and then throw the water in the basin. Repeat this exercise with the remaining water.salt-water-gargle-benefits

Do this at least 4-5 times a day for best results and you can see your throat get better and even your cough fade away.

Other benefits of salt water gargling:

  1. Dental plaque- salt water has anti-bacterial properties thus it acts against plaque in your mouth. It removes plaque, mouth sores and many other teeth and gum related diseases.
  2. Neutralizer and cleanser- it also has cleaning properties. This has now been recognized widely and you can already see so many toothpastes coming with salt as a major component. Gargling with salt water neutralizes the acid in the mouth and also treat mucus to great effect.
  3. Natural pH- generally the attack of bacteria on our teeth and gums results in disturbance of the pH level of the mouth. With proper and regular salt water gargle pH level of our mouth is maintained naturally.
  4. Stimulates circulation- salt water as we already have seen acts against bacteria in the throat. By gargling with salt water the blood flow to the throat increases and when this happens the ability of the throat to act on the bacteria which is causing such inflammation also increases.
  5. Nasal congestion: salt water gargling helps cure nasal congestion by acting on nasal cavity. Even if the condition of sore throat caused due to sinus the above mentioned aspect come to the cure.

Salt water gargle as we mentioned comes with a lot of benefits, but remember while gargling you can also drink the water you have gargled. Just keep one small thing in mind do not intake too much salt water. So generally it is advised not to drink the water you have gargled with. With regular gargling the common problem can be easily solved however if with your sore throat is not going even with regular gargling then it is advised that you consult a doctor as there might be some other complication in your case.

So have you tried salt water gargle?? Do share with us your experience in the comments section, waiting to hear from you…

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  1. I didn’t know a lot of these facts! I always gargle with salt water when I’m sick but it seems like I need to do it more often!

    <3 Shannon

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