One of the common reasons for growing dissatisfaction amongst married couples is the inability to conceive. Reasons could range from age, hormonal imbalance, to the fallopian tube being blocked. There are however fewer more reasons leading to and facilitating the inability to conceive. One of these reasons or causes is the woman being diabetic.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a medical condition called diabetes mellitus amongst the practitioners of medicine. It is when the sugar level in the blood shoots up. It could be because of the blood cells’ inability to respond to the given insulin in a required manner; or the proportion of insulin being relatively inappropriate. The fact that diabetes can happen across genders, cultures or part of the world you reside in, increases the premorbid cases with them.

Diabetes is of two kinds: Type 1 and Type 2; where Type 1 diabetes being where the pancreas in the patient creates very little or absolutely no insulin at all and Type 2 diabetes where the body’s way of processing blood sugar is being affected. Both of these affect the fertility in both men and women.

Diabetes and infertility among women

The period of reproduction in women is considerately reduced given the delayed menarche. The women also experience premature menopause that also leads to fertility issues. Diabetes is closely associated with abnormalities, especially that of menstrual abnormalities. Women tend to have irregular, absent, or uncontrollable period cycle with diabetes alongside. This not only leads to increased infertility but also growing issues along with diabetes and infertility including psychological cases of depression.

Other related causes come down to one of the common dysfunction seen in women, the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or the PCOS and obesity. The increase in blood sugar relatively increases the weight causing it difficult to conceive. It is one of the many reasons why Body Mass Index ranging between 19 and 29 are considered healthy for conception. The others need not be infertile but may face some or many complications in the pregnancy.

Hyperinsulinemia is a condition directly linked with PCOS as well as obesity. This leads to affecting the egg quality to put it simply. With the quality of the eggs going down, procedures like IVF, donor sperms, donor eggs, and so on can be opted.

What can be done?

Given the complications associated with diabetes, it is very essential that the patients do everything in their power to control the level of blood sugar in the body. While the level of the blood sugar if controlled can facilitate in maintaining the Body Mass Index and thus leaving a healthy space for the woman to conceive.

A fertility centre in Chandigarh and in Mumbai, along with an IVF clinic in Gurgaon and Bangalore cater to the females and males with diabetes that want to go ahead with the conception.


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