This drink has its own names, some call it a girl’s love and other call it the Russian drink, but have you ever thought that this booze has many other uses apart from just drinking? Well yes, it has a lot of uses and today we will shock you with many of them. You must keep all these uses handy, stored in your brain somewhere, so that the next time you look at this transparent beauty you know what to do with it apart from the usual!Benefits of Vodka


Keeps cut flowers FRESH:

Remember the last time you got a bouquet from a loved one and you saw it dry within a matter of a few days? Vodka can help you here, just pour some vodka and sugar in the vase you keep those cut flowers along with water and this will work like magic. The flowers wont seem to die, how? Well changing this mixture daily helps stun ethylene production and thus extends the life of the flowers.

Vodka sprays a day, keep the flies and pests away:

Are you too irritated with those persistent flies, mosquitoes and other pests? Vodka might well be the solution of the problem. Just spray it directly onto the offenders and see them fly away or die. You may even use vodka as a repellent by directly applying it on your skin.

Gives your hair some bounce:

Just add some quantity of vodka to your shampoo and it will help you fetch the bounce that you always wanted for strong and healthy looking hair.

Calms stings of creatures:

Be it some flies or sea creatures like jelly fish, they sting and give us a tough time dealing with it. But if you have vodka then you are in a safe place my dear! Vodka works like magic in this case, so just apply the drink and see your pain fade away.

Prepare a home made mouth wash:

Vodka can, with help of water, liquid glycerin and one teaspoon of aloe vera gel make you a mouthwash. Just by boiling water with vodka in the ratio of 3:1 (in volume) add the other ingredients and you have a home made mouth wash ready at your disposal. Whats better than home made mouth wash made of vodka? Nothing!

Helps remove stickers:

I have and I am sure you also must have faced a situation wherein you had to remove a sticker that you once put up, either on the walls or on your cupboard. And I clearly remember removing it used to be a tedious task. More often than not, it not only took a lot of time but also, the surface ended up being all scratched up. I wish I knew this then, that vodka was what I needed. This drink works like a wonder liquid when comes to removing stickers, just try this once and you will know what we mean.

Shining agent:

All of us have many shiny things at home. They range from victory shields to pots; mirrors to expensive show pieces. Well, vodka can be the savior when and if they lose their shine. So whenever there is need, go to the liquor cupboard, fetch a vodka bottle, wet the rough cloth in it and there you are, back to shining ways.

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