Inflatable zone is a prime and leading company and online portal to cater to the needs in various professional matters. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been operative in producing numerous of inflatable products with advanced technology. They are dedicated in providing top notch after sales services, drop ship facilitation services etc.Inflatable zone


There are various huge inflatable products inflatable zone specializes in, be it for a public oriented event such as water games and sports or for individual need while travelling down to beaches or areas near water bodies. Not only can the customer order a whole range of interesting inflatable products but can also add up to it his/her desired customization. They are all welcome to give customization ideas such as logo prints, personalized sizes, shapes and designs etc.

One of the best products from Inflatable Zone is their certified inflatable tents. They are massively popular amongst the youth at times of parties, night get together, hang outs, conferences, meetings etc. For times of needs like to shelter something it is very convenient as it is portable and can be moved around without any hassle or too much man power. These are useful for impromptu plans and meet ups or for anything that’s on the go anywhere you want. They are averagely 4’4 m in size and are available to be ordered in multiple colours like bright blue, radiating red, sunny yellow, perky green, clear and plain ones etc. Customers stay assured with the 1 year quality guarantee the tents come with and also the free repair kit so that all your temporary fixing needs are taken care of immediately.


They also have in store popular inflatable bouncers that are easy to use as the blower continues to inflate air in unlike the thick and strong castles that had to be blown using electric powered pumps or blowers. These are efficiently used in amusement parks, Leisure centres or for private purposes such as parties, company events, school activities, etc. They come in variety of bright colours that are appropriate as they excite the kids all the more.

They have free shipping to countries such as United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia. So go on and order your customization today!

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