You might have heard a lot of people say do not have soda drinks or soft drinks, they are bad for health. But one thing that we hardly know is they also have many benefits and also some really great uses. Well you read it right, it has its own share of benefits but that doesn’t mean you start consuming them indiscriminately. They can yield you some benefits only if they are consumed in a constrained manner. Moreover its benefits and uses are seasonal and in no way am I suggesting you to have it daily. But it is interesting to know it is not an all lose lose situation with consumption of these drinks. We shall start with some of its benefits.


Caffeine benefits of soft drinks:

Many if not all soft drinks have a substantial amount of caffeine in them. Caffeine is a stimulant and gives you energy for work. If consumed in a proper manner caffeine has many health benefits. As we all know it gives energy i.e. it stimulates the central nervous system. It also helps break down fatty acids from the liver, works like magic in times of headache and even betters ones mood. Some deadly diseases have been proven to be avoided with regular consumption of caffeine. These diseases include, gall stones, cirrhosis, parkinson’s disease, and also colon cancer. The consumption should be kept in control as excess of caffeine is not good for health.Soft-drinks-benefits

Benefits of sodium present in soft drinks:

Sodium found in soft drinks is a very important nutrient for the body. Sodium helps in retention of water in the body as a result it can help avoid cramps and keep electrolyte balance. Not just these but it has anti-ageing properties thus helps keeping your skin young and also controls the drop in your blood pressure.

Carbonated water:

The basic or the primary ingredient of a soft drink is carbonated water. For long carbonated water has been beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. It is very helpful in problems related to the stomach like stomach aches and constipation. It also helps fix the problem of nausea.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of the soft drinks it can be used for various purposes, but it should be kept in the mind that excess consumption is not good for health I have been emphasizing on it much throughout the article, as it can lead to gaining of weight, obesity and even diabetes. Further  even worse if you continuously consume it for long you can even suffer for heart diseases and sometimes even lead to a heart stroke.soft0drink-girl-drinking0benefits

Now I shall write down some of the uses of soft drinks:

  1. As it is a soda product it can be used for cleaning and even clearing some metals. It contains phosphoric acid which is largely useful for absorbing calcium (it can thus be inferred it is not good for the bones i.e. can damage them). Thus it can be used as a cleaning agent. But remember this practice should be momentary and not regular.
  2. It is a great mix with your favorite alcohol be it whisky or vodka, you can have them with whatever you want. It not only adds to the taste and makes you drink alcohol easily but also saves you from the hard effects of neat alcohol.
  3. A great welcome drink for people who come to your house.
  4. They taste good and give your tongue the taste that you crave for.

How many benefits or uses you figure out but it should be an infrequent item of consumption. So here I would take a leave from you all hope you liked this one. Do share and comment, take care love ya all….!

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