You must have heard this saying that your eyes are mirror of your health! This statement is very true. When you have a hectic day or less sleep then it easily shows up on your face and eyes. The eys get puffy and look tired and dull. This leads you to look extremely tired and your beautiful eyes turns into a symbol of your tiredness! So your asset becomes a liability.

Doesn’t sound good naa…so why not find some homemade recipe to tackle this problem and find some ways which will beautify your tired eyes? So without wasting any time further let me give you some quick fix solutions to these dull and tired eyes.

    • Tea is a good way to tackle this problem. You simply need to refrigerate two used tea bags for nearly half an hour. Place them on closed eyelids. Lie down and relax for some time for twenty to twenty five minutes.

    • Castor oil is immensely helpful to soothe tired and dull eyes. One drop of castor oil in each of the eyes relieves tired and dull eyes.
    • Put slice of cucumber on each eyelid. This brightens and soothes the eyes.


  • You can also put small cotton pads dipped in rose water on your eyelids to give relaxing sensation.
  • Cold water compresses allow the heat of tired eyes to escape.
  • To soothe tired eyed you can also put two slices of potato over your closed eyelids.
  • Witch hazel is very useful and beneficial for tired eyes.
  • Saturate cotton pads into a solution made from equal quantity of lemon and icy cold water. Keep these cotton pads on your eyelids for ten minutes or so. This will give you great relaxation.

  • Take little amount of chilled water with dash of table salt and saturate cotton pads with it and put on eyelids for some time. Say ten minutes or so to relax your eyes.
  • To get back the sparkles of your eyes, simply bathe eyes with cold left over tea decoction and finish it with cold water.
  • Add few drops of Eau de cologne and saturate cotton pads in this on keep these pads on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes.
If you implement even few of these tips then you will surely be able to get rid of tired and dull eyes. Do try and Let me know if these were helpful or not J. Have a great soothing weekend ahead J.

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