Ahh..I envy those girls who have beautiful nail’s with well crafted shape! I feel like stealing their nails when they fell asleep ūüôĀ but wait..why should I? and How could I? I am not a thief or a magician. LOL….I am rather a beauty freak who loves to find out her own ways to enhance beauty and stay fashionable.So its better to be realistic and stop random thoughts coming in the mind. I truly love painting my nails and stay creative¬†J.¬†Don’t you girls love beautifully painted nails?¬†Nail paints add a dash of style to your whole look and their look can reveal a lot about you. Girls with beautiful hands and beautifully painted nails flaunt their hands more confidently than girls who have to hide their hands. Let‚Äôs start by sharing some basic tips on nail painting which are very helpful for all of us.


How to Paint Your Nails?

  • Always begin with steady hand and start painting your nails from the little finger on the left hand and then start with the thumb on the right hand.




·         For each nail, start painting the nails from center and then fill up the sides. Always bring the polish under the ends of the nails to seal it.
  • Let the nail polish dry.
  • Repeat the application of nail paint and let it dry.
  • Then finish off with a top coat of clear base coat polish in order to seal the tip edge of your nail firmly. This will see you through until your next manicure session a week later.


Importance of Clear Base Coat polish:

For the healthy appearance of nails a base coat polish plays a very important role. This prevents the nail polish from staining and discoloring the nails. Thus it provides an excellent base for your nail polish. When used after the application of nail polish, this provides a binding effect which seals your nail polish at the tips of your nails and also protects nails from cracking.  

I love to paint my nail paint every week and sometimes whenever I feel like. What about you? How often do you change your nail paint? If you have any other nail painting tips then they are most welcome J do not forget to share J..


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