Well are you one of those who just hate wearing makeup and prefer to be ready on the go? I am just that kinds. I hate putting tons of makeup as it gives a cake like feel. It feels very unnatural when anyone puts tons of makeup to look the way they do. What if I tell you with some easy steps you can look beautiful naturally and not worry too much about putting a lot of make up on your face? Though makeup is something which makes you beautiful instantly but it doesn’t last long. Plus the headache of coming back and removing all of it also hangs on your neck like a sword. The methods we will suggest you today will take some time of yours to get you the look you desire but if you continue to follow them they will last longer than any makeup and will make you comfortable in your own skin. So here we go:



Well your face is the most important part of the body. You must cleanse it at least twice a day to keep it clean and free from any impurities. You should use a mild cleanser and keep your face clean. With proper cleansing everyday your face does not accumulate dirt and dust and you get a clearer skin.



It is one of the most necessary things to do after cleansing. As you must know our skin has dead cells and these dead cells make your skin look dull. With exfoliation you are able to remove those dead tissues and your skin looks energized and it glows. It makes it appear brighter instantly.

Ice pack:

Well after you are done with exfoliation your skin secretes sebum whose secretion can be curbed by rubbing your face and neck area with ice.


The next step in the process is toning. Well when we exfoliate and cleanse, our pores open up as a result of which the dirt can enter these pores, thus toning not only maintains the proper pH of your skin but also close these pours and forbids the dirt from entering them. This whole process results in a softer and suppler skin. Thus a toner is a must.


Our skin needs hydration and after the above steps comes just that. Your skin can become dry if it is not properly moisturized. Choose a lotion which hydrates it properly. With proper moisturization your skin gets the water it needs and maintains the elasticity which otherwise is lost when the skin is dry. Dry skin can lead to breakage which surely you wouldn’t want.

Lacto Calamine:

This is one of the best products I have used and after the above steps this must be applied. This works as a moisturizer too and even helps you hide some spots if any on your skin.

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Lip Balm:

This is the cherry on the cake. Your lips are one of the most important part of your face and you want them to look their best. So choose a lip balm which suits you and your skin type plus also look for some spicy colors for your lips. I have been using the Baby Lips lip balm and I love it. You have to have great lips for the perfect pout and the right selfie. I would even suggest you to oil them overnight with almond oil, it will keep them hydrated the next day.


These are one of the most important things to take care of. They can make or break any look. For it you should also know your face type and what kind of eye brows suit you. For that you can see our post on the types of eyebrows for different face types.

Well just follow these simple steps and within some days you will be able to look your best even without makeup. No one can live with makeup and die with it, to be a natural beauty you need to be beautiful even without it and these things do just that.  


8 Ways To Make Your Face Look Great Without Make-Up

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