Cleansing is one of the most important parts of our daily skin care regime. There are many cleansing techniques available now days. One of such latest techniques is the use of fine and soft bristle brushes which is used to brush or wipe away deep seated dirt on our skin. Dirt makes our skin dead and unmanageable and is a good host for all the skin related problems such as acne etc. These facial cleansing brushes are very useful when used with cleansing lotions and soaps to cleanse the skin. The best way to use these cleanser brushes is to first drench the skin and use the gentle, soft bristle cleansing milk with circular movements using upwards from your neck.

Exfoliating Cleansing Brush

It would be great for your skin if you can make “cleansing” a part of your ‘once a week’ skin regime to clean up T panel, chin and oily areas of your skin with this pretty unique facial brush.

Now girls! Let’s come to the types of cleansers that can be used to clean up your face.
Well! cleansers clean up the remains and vestiges of makeup, grime and dirt that lie on skin’s surface. A cleanser helps your skin to remain fresh, glowing and feeling cool. Face cleansers mostly consists of clay as this ingredient absorbs the impurities very well and helps in removing blackheads, in addition to cleaning up the face.

Types of Masks:

Cream Masks:

If you want to refine and smooth the skin of your face then you must opt for cream masks, these kinds of creams masks can be bought from the counter or nearby store in a local market, these are quite effective.

Gel Masks:

These gel masks are well suited for drier skins. They leave the skin petal soft and glowing. This kind of masks usually consists of herbs, vegetables, fruits and minerals.

Cleansing Masks:

These masks are used for deep cleansing. Opt for those cleansing masks which have clay or earth as a base because they are the best with many useful results. For example clay has very strong drawing properties which can swipe away impurities from pores and it also absorbs excess sebum from the skin. As I already
said that clay is also a good remedy to get rid of blackheads.
Simply allow these masks to get dry one your skin and after drying, wash them off with lukewarm water. This is very helpful to gently remove dead skin cells.

Quick Home Made Recipe for you:

The best and one of the simplest ways to cleanse your skin is to saturate a cotton wool with unboiled milk and gently rub away the grime, dirt and other impurities from your skin. Use upward strokes for doing the same.

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