Hey girls, have you always wondered what kind of eye brow shape suits your face? Have you made a blunder once or twice with the wrong eye brow shapes? Is the answer to these questions a yes?? Well in such a case you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss today about the eyebrow shapes for different face types. We have selected one eyebrow type which is the most suited for a particular face type. We will discuss six face types and first look at them at a glance and then discuss an eyebrow type specifically for each one.

face-typesFACE TYPES:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Square (triangular)
  • Heart
  • Oblong


Does your face type resemble Jessica alba? Well yeah that is oval type. It’s a very graceful face cut which is slightly narrow, so one has to maintain a balance between its width and the length.

How should the eyebrow be?

Well the goal is to maintain the ideal oval shape of the face and for that the eyebrows should be soft angled which would help maintain the oval shape of the face.


This  is a full looking face which is wide on the whole, the widest part of the face being on the cheeks and around the ears.

How the eyebrow should be?

The idea is to make the round face look a little longer. For that you should go for a high arched eyebrow shape. The lines going up and down should be drawn in a way that lengthens it. The eyebrow should  be formed avoiding curves as they will make your face look more round.



It’s a shape which lies between a heart and an oval shaped face. It’s a little wide near the ear and cheeks and then gradually the width decreases.

How the eyebrow should be?

We need to soften up the face a little and make the wide points of the face appear less wide. For that make the eyebrows curvilinear in shape as the curves of the eyebrow will help reduce the width of the face to some extent.



In this kind of face cut, the most dominant part is the jawline, and from there gradually the width decreases to the chin.


How the eyebrow should be?

Here our focus is to balance the dominance of the jaw line and neutralize its predominance with the eyebrows. For that one needs to start with a curved eyebrow shape and then add more angle to create more balance. A defined peak at the center of the eyebrow will be just perfect for this face cut.


This one is similar to a diamond shape but here there is more width at the temples which gradually narrows down to the chin which is quite small and delicate.

How should the eyebrow be?

Here we need to focus on balancing the wider temples and the pointed chin. For that you should start with low arched, round curved eyebrows and then add some more volume to them as they then add more length to the forehead. It not only looks after the pointed chin but also the wider forehead (temples).


This is a unique kinda face cut. It is long and may have a very high forehead and not so pointed chin.

How should the eyebrow be?

This face being longer our goal is to make it look shorter. Thus we put in our energy on making the eyebrows flatter. Its linear line will forbid the viewer from viewing the elongated face instead it will appear to be a whole lot shorter.

Well that will be it for this one girls. I hope this is of some help to you. We try and save you time and make you look you best. Follow it, it will surely help.

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