During the whole day, we are exposed to lots of pollution and dirt. To remove all the impurities, dirt and excess oil from our face, toning becomes almost necessary. Toning is one of the most important parts of daily beauty care regime. 

Cleansing the face is followed by toning. Now these days lots of saloons and beauty parlours have opened in almost all the parts and localities near our place and they charge sky high money for providing even a small set of service. Also there are lots of toners available in the market. Any person with handsome sum of money many not bother about them as these saloon services and brand made toners may put a lots of burden on anyone’s pocket. Is spending a lot of money is the only solution? Or we have some other way to unburden our pocket? Yes. We have! We can make some very effective and useful toners at home which will not take much of time and will definitely help in saving a few bucks. Thus without wasting much of time, let me tell you some of the best homemade toners for normal skin:

Brandy, White wine & Rosemary Toner

It’s very simple to make Rosemary, Brandy and White wine toner at home. You need to take one and a half tablespoon of mineral water, one and a half cup of rosemary leaves, 1 tablespoon brandy and 1 tablespoon white wine. Take all these ingredients and mix them well then heat them in a pan for about 20-25 minutes, let the mixture cool for one hour or so. You can pour the mixture in a neat and clean spray bottle, so that it can be used very easily later on.  

Green Tea and Cucumber Toner

You all must have heard of great beauty benefits of Cucumber as well as that of Green tea. They both together can do wonders to tone your skin. Simply take 1 cucumber and extract its juice. Collect near about 1/4 cup cucumber juice. Now make green tea by pouring 1/2 cup freshly boiled water over 1 green tea bag or 1 tsp whole green tea leaves and heat it for 5-10 minutes. Now it’s the time for tea to get cooled. Once you have finished with both these tasks then simply pour them in a glass bottle and now it’s the time to add 1 tablespoon of Vodka in it. Mix it well and store this mixture in your refrigerator for future use.

Red grape juice antioxidant skin toner

You can also use Red grape juice as a skin toner, squeeze out juice of red grapes in a container and store it in some air tight air clean bottle; this can be used whenever you need a toner to tone your skin to make it more glowing, soft and supple. 

Mint Tea Toner

Here’s an icy toner which you can store as ice cubes and store it for future use. Take mint tree and make a strong cup of it, mix it with two table spoons of carrot juice, take 3-4 tablespoons of cucumber and mix all these with juice of one lemon.

Apple Toner

Here is a trick to make toner from apple at home, you need to take one apple and remove its skin. Using a blender chop it then simply puree the mixture and press it with a cloth to get its juice, take honey and add two spoonful of it in the apple juice and then store it in a clean spray bottle.
In case you have some other skin toners in your mind which can be made at home then do not forget to share your tips.
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