Hello girls! Today I am going to share some very important tips to stay away from dryness in winter season. Dryness is a common rival we face during winters irrespective of our skin type. So stay tuned to find out some easy ways and tips to conquer this rival.


Choose the right body wash: In winters we should be more careful about the soaps and body washes we choose. Try and use gentle body washes and PH-balanced soaps during cold season.

Avoid using heaters: It sounds weird and difficult to stay away from heaters in winters but the truth is that the heat evaporates moisture and results in flaky and dry skin. So it is better that we avoid heater or sit at some distance. Instead of using heaters you can opt for other means to keep yourself warm. Cover yourself with warm clothes that are the best option to go for.
Go for lukewarm water instead of hot water: Hot water washes away the natural moisture of your skin and makes skin dry. You should go for lukewarm water to wash your hands and feet.
Keep your skin hydrated and moisturised: Use a good body lotion, oils or pure glycerine to do away with dryness. Drinking lots of water is a must to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

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Important Tips To Stay Away From Dryness In Winters

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